Libby Treu runs through a defender on her way towards the try zone against UC Davis on Feb. 3. Photo by Garrett Goodnight.
Libby Treu runs through a defender on her way towards the try zone against UC Davis on Feb. 3. Photo by Garrett Goodnight.

Jacks women’s rugby falls short against UC Davis


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It was a nail-biter in the women’s rugby home opener against the University of California, Davis Mustangs on Feb. 3.

Humboldt State University found their fuel a little too late, as the Mustangs took home the victory 49-31.

The Mustangs scored the first three tries of the match. It was not until HSU switched their lineup that allowed them to answer back by scoring their first try.

“We had really good subs come in, and they had the fire in them, just from watching and seeing what was happening,” head coach Meredith Conrad-Forrest said. “They were able to respond to that and bring the rest of the team up.”

Thanks to the help of Libby Treu’s performance, the Jacks were able to bring the score within three tries just before the half, 27-12.

To keep their hopes high, they were looking to build off of their newfound momentum and carry into the second half. The Jacks were hoping not to repeat what happened in last week’s season opener, which was a last-minute loss to Stanford University.

“If that energy dies just a little bit, then everybody gets unmotivated and lazy,” said Celeste Valencia. “We really need that one person to keep everybody hyped up. That’s how you get the game going.”

Just as the second half began, the Jacks were able to score two more unanswered tries, bringing the score within three points, 27-24.

“It’s important to keep that energy up,” said Tiana Barron. “My priority now is getting it to my team, to make sure we score.”

Barron is trying out a new role this season: the fly-half position.

As the game progressed, the Mustangs were able to flip the momentum around and outrun the Lumberjacks, scoring four more tries.

Unfortunately, it was too late for a last-minute comeback, although the Lumberjacks were able to score one more try before the time expired.

The Lumberjacks are looking to earn their first victory in this weekend’s match-ups at College Creek Field on Feb. 10 and Feb. 11.

They face California State University, Chico and Stanford. Kick-offs are at 11:00 a.m.

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