NASA members Michael Freire and Matthew Peters rocking out at The Jam on Feb. 2. Photo by Conner West.

Student bands rock The Jam


Downtown Arcata music venue The Jam was filled with energy and excitement on Feb. 1. Two bands, Dimboi and NASA, both made up of Humboldt State students, performed at a free show for the community. Local residents and students crammed close together to support their peers, sip on cheap beer and enjoy some tunes.

This event was put on by the local production group, Your Arts and Music Syndicate, or YAMS. The Arcata-based group, headed by Leo Plummer, sponsors local and touring acts and tries to help expand the music scene in Humboldt County.

Connor West, a HSU music major and an affiliate of YAMS, says the group tries to put on shows that bring some variety to the community.

“Were the driving force for the local rock scene,” West said. “Arcata has a lot of funk and reggae.”

The show was opened by local DJ Venus Milk, real name Cherish Alicia, who is a student at College of the Redwoods. The following act was Dimboi, a three-piece band lead by HSU student Sean Bendon. The show was finished by the group NASA, made up of Michael Freire on guitar, Richard Moog on bass and Matthew Peters on drums.

Both bands were warmly received, clearly having a lot of support in the audience. Many people were there to see Dimboi. The trio had a somewhat dreamy and meloncholy sound, utilizing simple, punchy rhythms combined with dissonant tones.

Leader and creator of Dimboi, Bendon, originally from Missouri, says he has played shows at The Jam many times and enjoys playing music in Arcata.

“Its very supportive,” Bendon said. “Everyone is very open-minded.”

Dimboi on stage at The Jam on Feb. 2. Photo by Conner West.

Raquel Pena, a HSU kinesiology student with a passion for music, said she came out to see her friends Dimboi, but also knows the bass player in NASA. She really enjoyed her first experience with the second band.

“It’s my first time listening to them,” Pena said. “I like the danciness.”

NASA had a more energetic sound, combining garage and surf rock with a smear of punk. The growling vocals and fast-paced rhythms were enough to coax the crowd into dancing and even starting a mosh pit.

Members of the crowd kept cheering “Jerry! Jerry!” because of the Grateful Dead shirt drummer Peters was wearing.

NASA guitar player, Freire, is a HSU student who loves living and playing in Arcata.

“For such a small town, there’s such a good music scene,” Freire said. “And cool, easy going people.”

Bass guitar player Moog says it was his first time playing at The Jam and he really enjoyed it.

“Mistakes were made,” Moog said. “But I don’t think anyone noticed them.”

You can catch Moog’s other band, The Apollo Era, at The Jam on Feb. 15 for their album release party.

As for NASA, they don’t have another show booked right now, but Freire says there will be more to come.

“I want to play as many shows as we can,” Freire said. “Because I don’t know if we’ll all be around next semester.”

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