From left to right: Wilbur (played by HSU alumnus Catlin Hatfield), Homer Zuckerman (played by HSU student Isaiah Alexander) and Fern (played by HSU communications and theater arts major Isabella Ceja). Photo by Heather Karns.

Charlotte’s Web wins hearts


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Chances are you know about Charlotte’s Web, a bestselling children’s novel. Now that we are grown up, we can return to the days of being read to and tap into the inspiration of animals, language and the importance of community.

Through the immaculate performance of Charlotte’s Web by Humboldt State students and the HSU theater department, this children’s story flows with laughter, touches you with sadness and sweeps you up and out the door in waves of joy. The cast hopes to bring happiness to families and give people the opportunity to take a break from the chaos of life.

Director Derek Lane, HSU theater arts lecturer, used the play adaptation of Charlotte’s Web by Joseph Robinette and added his own composition from copyright-free music and lyrics.

Charlotte is played by Camille Borrowdale, an HSU environmental science major.

“Charlotte’s story is important,” Borrowdale said. “It’s about sticking together and being there for one another in our scary world.”

During intermission, the lobby of the HSU Van Duzer Theatre was transformed into a carnival midway from the county fair. There were games and chances for children to win prizes.

HSU theater major Roman Sanchez is the production manager of Charlotte’s Web and an activist for getting arts into education.

“This might be some children’s first play,” Sanchez said. “We want to inspire them for a lifetime of the arts.”

Sanchez believes the domino effect can change the world.

“The togetherness of rehearsing with the cast and crew was really fun,” HSU zoology student and cast member Rachael Robinson said.

Veronica Brooks is an HSU double major in theater and anthropology, as well as the costume designer for Charlotte’s Web.

“Come and see Charlotte’s Web,” Brooks said. “It is happy and rewarding. It will knock your socks off!” .

Charlotte’s Web continues tonight and tomorrow in the Van Duzer Theatre at 7:30 p.m., as well as a matinee show on Sunday at 10 a.m. You can find more information at

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