Sage Saatdjian explains the philosophy behind opening Mooncycles during a break in the shop in Arcata, CA. | Photo by Sean Bendon

Moon Cycles mentality

Small Arcata bicycle shop with good intentions

Small Arcata bicycle shop with good intentions 

When Sage Saatdjian and Sprout Page teamed up in 2016 to create Moon Cycles, much more was being made than a bike and roller skate shop. A whole change in culture toward bike repair was stirring.

“We strive on being a comfortable space for everyone, especially women and queer folks, to serve the average cyclist” said Saatdijan. “We can do the fancy and expensive repairs if we need, but we want to help fix what needs to be fixed.”

Sage and Sprout prides Moon Cycles and their mission on a consent-based policy between their customers to ensure transparency in what they’re doing to their bikes and if that’s what they want.

“We don’t do anything without bringing it up with people first,” Sprout said.

Most people can relate to being at a mechanic and not knowing what questions to ask or how to negotiate pricing. Moon Cycles wants to eliminate that discomfort from the bike shop experience as a whole, especially for women.

“The culture at a lot of shops, no matter the trade, is not welcoming to anyone that isn’t a conventional male,” said Page.

With most shops not paying much attention to what the customer really wants, Moon Cycles makes sure to always keep their customers in the know.

“A majority of places assume you want your bike back to perfect brand new condition, but most people just want it to work and be safe,¨ says Saatdjian. ¨If you don’t care that the gears shift well and just want it to be safe, we can do that while working within your budget.¨

Saatdjian and Page both have heard enough stories from customers coming in, saying that they feel other bike shops are taking advantage of them.

“Customers say other places have asked absurd prices for repairs or simply said that some very normal repairs can’t be done,” said Saatdjian. “You get talked to like a baby and people don´t feel respected or listened to.”

Moon Cycles, on the other hand, is putting the power in the hands of the customer.

“We want to be a different place where people aren’t taken advantage of or talked down to” said Page. “We are even looking forward to doing some workshops to teach people how to ride a bike because not everyone can.”

Saatdjian also looks forward to having group bike rides in the future and mechanical workshops on bike repair for women first, then opening it up to everyone.

Until then, Moon Cycles is setting the standard for bike shops here in Arcata. You can give them a visit at 1905 Alliance Road.

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