Review: No Te Va Gustar: Oh, but you will

Uruguayan band nominated for a Latin Grammy for the eighth time


No Te Va Gustar’s most recent work Suenan Las Alarmas has been nominated for Best Rock Album for the upcoming Latin Grammys on Nov. 15.

It is the band’s eighth nomination in their 20-year history and they are hoping to win their first Latin Grammy. The band started with three high school friends getting together in 1994 in Uruguay but has since grown to nine members.

“We all share a deep love for The Beatles, Bob Marley and The Rolling Stones,” said No Te Va Gustar Drummer Diego Bartaburu. “Murga, Candombe, and Afro-Uruguayan traditional music are big influences toNo Te Va Gustar translates to “You will not like it,” but if you are a fan of jam bands and alt-rock you will. NTVG has a similar sound to the Dave Matthews Band and O.A.R. Their songs have a driving beat, catchy guitar riffs, and a horns section that keeps you engaged. The opening song on the new album, Y el Mundo Me Comió a Mi, has a sound similar to Audioslave and the energy in the album is palpable.

“We tour extensively in the Americas because our live show is our biggest strength,” Bartaburu said. “We are a very fun and powerful act, or that’s what we like to think.”

The song No Deja de Sonar has a hypnotic beat with harmonized chanting and humming drawing the listener in and setting them up for the horns and quick, folky guitar strokes of Los Villanos. The beats of Los Villanos is comparable to The Beatles song, I’ve Just Seen a Face. The emotion of the album is uplifting and jubilant.

“We just make the music we want to make and represent us in a given moment,” Bartaburu said. “Hopefully people will connect emotionally to it…. From love or the end of it, to social or political issues NTVG’s lyrics cover a broad spectrum of topics.”

The Latin Grammys will be airing live on Univision at 8 p.m. on Thursday Nov. 15. Tune in to see if NTVG will win for Best Rock Album.

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