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What the cops are up to and why they're called. Updated Weekly!

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The Rolling Count

As mentioned in a previous article, it is still illegal to possess weed on campus. Since the new year, four people have been charged with marijuana possession on campus, two of them being for individuals between the ages of 18-20. Although it happened last year, it is worth noting that there were 22 cases of either paraphernalia or “contraband” being seized in 2018. “Contraband” can be considered bongs, bowls, pipes, grinders, you know all the things needed to “blow ‘dro”, “puff cheeba”, “blaze up” or whatever else you call it.

As part of this series, The Lumberjack will be keeping track of all marijuana possession charges, as well as paraphernalia and “contraband” charges. So far the “Rolling Count” for possession charges is at four and the the “Rolling Count” for paraphernalia and contraband is at zero.

“Hollerin’ ‘hootie hoo!’ when we see the cops”

Monday Jan. 28

  • Ew what is that?!?!—Bloody tissues were found along side a blanket near the Rohner Admission Center around 9:00 a.m., however the owner of the bloody tissues and blanket were nowhere to be found.
  • Someone stole something—A petty theft of an item valued over $50 was taken from the Music B building at around 1:30 p.m. hopefully the item will be returned in the near future.

Tuesday Jan. 29

  • Someone buttdialed the cops—This happens way too often as you will see in future Blotter Bytes.
  • You can’t smoke here bro!—UPD was called to respond to multiple reports of someone smoking on campus. Listen up folx, HSU is a no tobacco campus, puff that stuff elsewhere.
  • A case of mistaken identity (aka fraud)—A camera was previously checked out from the Library using someone else’s ID and was not returned and was reported at 8:19 a.m. as fraud.
  • A trespassing charge was issued to a man “asking the housing department desk for info regarding a homeless shelter.” It is shameful to think that when a person was asking for help, he was detained and arrested instead. Shame on the powers that be.

Wednesday Jan. 30

  • The skatepark is that-a-way homie!—Someone called the cops to report “skateboarders creating a hazard to pedestrians.” Skateboarding is not a crime…unless UPD catches you.

Thursday Jan. 31

  • An issue worth addressing—Some of our more marginalized and needing counterparts call our streets, parking lots, forested areas and underpasses home for the night. UPD was called because of a camping violation under the underpass that leads from campus to G Street. The individual was let go without a ticket.
  • Another unneeded call to 911—Arcata Police (UPD and APD work together sometimes) responded and the caller said it was an accident.
  • No Fly Zone—A man was flying a drone around campus at 11:46 p.m. UPD responded and told the individual to land his aircraft, because people thought that aliens were coming. JK JK aliens aren’t coming here, he just didn’t have the proper paperwork.

Friday Feb. 1

  • Nothing too substantial happened. Just another unneeded 911 call (I told you this happens a lot), someone drew something on a “Telecom box” outside of Maple Residence hall and some people were pulled over for not stopping at a stop sign. I thought Fridays were supposed to wild.

Saturday Feb. 2

  • Umm excuse me, but you don’t live here—“Two suspicious subjects” were asked to leave the Sunset Residence hall at around 10:00 p.m.
  • Drug Activity! (calm down it’s just weed)—Someone was cited for 11357 (a)(2) at around 10:15 p.m. 11357 (a)(2) is written out for marijuana possession for adults ages 18-20.
  • What the eff is that smell?—A burning smell was reported in Fern Residence hall at 3:14 p.m. Turns out nothing was on fire but a fan in one of the bathrooms stopped working.

Sunday Feb 3.

  • Super Bowl Sunday! Things are going to get lit AF for sure, right?!?! Turns out not really. Just a couple of people got pulled over and someone accidentally went into the wrong room.

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