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Blotter bytes


No new weed incidents to report. However, there was a report of a mountain lion on campus, a guy throwing a brick through his car window and some “suspicious circumstances.” A few incidents of mental health breakdowns also took place. If you are experiencing a tough time and need someone to talk to, reach out to the Counseling and Psychological Services folks at (707) 826-3236. Hopefully the blotter bytes can bring a few laughs to your life!

The Rolling Count:

· Possession charges = 5

· Contraband/paraphernalia seizures = 4

Holler hootie hoo!

Monday, March 4

· Aww pretty kitty—A mountain lion was hanging out on the softball field around 8:30 p.m. Don’t try to pet wild animals, please.

· Good guy alert x5—UPD helped with some jumpstarts and locked doors. Thanks!

· Skating is not a crime…yet—Three people were warned for skating on campus. One blew through a stop sign and two “juvenile boys” were “riding tricks on the front steps” of the library.

Tuesday, March 5

· Nothing really happened on Tuesday. A couple people didn’t like stop signs and decided to ignore them and one person had a speeding problem. Maybe Wednesday will have something more interesting?

Wednesday, March 6

· Hit by car—A pedestrian was hit by a car on Plaza Ave. around 5:00 p.m. and was taken to hospital via ambulance. Listen up everyone, make sure to drive slow on campus and to be aware of your surroundings.

· You get the boot!—Two vehicles received “vehicle immobilization” boots due to unpaid parking tickets. A lot of us are guilty of not paying parking tickets (what up Denver, CO!), but UPD can be lenient at times. Check in with them if you get one, or two. But after that you too may get the boot!

Thursday, March 7

· “Suspicious circumstances”—Two people were standing in the parking lot talking and “watching passersby.” So, someone called the cops. Pretty lame…

· Harassment—Someone reported being harassed by an “unidentified male subject.” If you feel unsafe at night, or at any other time for that matter, don’t hesitate to call UPD for a safety escort. The phone number is (707) 826-5555.

Friday, March 8

· Loud noises!—There was a report of a man yelling at women near the Plaza Circle. However, when UPD showed up “no subjects were yelling.”

· Maybe it was a fart?—Someone reported a gas leak near the sculpture lab on LK Wood. UPD showed up and were “unable to locate any issue.” The smell must have “up and vanished like a fart in the wind.”

· Does it look like I’m camping?—Two people were thought to be camping on campus. Turns out one guy was charging his phone and the other was just in the Art B building around 6 a.m. Art is like the news, it doesn’t wait for anyone. Or something like that.

Saturday, March 9

· WTF?—Someone reported seeing “an unknown subject throwing a brick through the window of his vehicle.” Y’know, UPD will unlock the doors for you. You don’t have to shatter a window bro. There is another way.

· Mistaken identity… kind of—UPD arrested a man for 148.9 PC. Which means that he falsely identified himself “as a fictitious person to…evade the process of the court, or to evade the proper identification of the person by the investigating officer.”

Sunday, March 10

· Outside assist—UPD helped the Arcata police look for four people who were “looking into vehicles.” I looked into a vehicle once, I wonder if the cops were called on me?

· Mental health awareness—There were two incidents on Sunday that touched on aspects of mental health. Reports of mental health incidents have gone up in the last few weeks. Reach out to friends or family or the folks in the Student Health center. Also check out the mental health art exhibit outside of the Kate Buchanan room. It is titled Invisible Battles.

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