A close up of Normal being held by store employee Michele Young. April 6. | Photo by Skylar Gaven.

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Fin N Feather Spring Fling brings in unique characters

Fin N Feather Spring Fling brings in unique characters

Owner Miranda Turpine and her one of a kind kitten “Normal” made a special guest appearance at the Fin N Feather Spring Fling to check out great deals and friendly faces.

Normal is an extraordinary cat born with a form of dwarfism. He’s eight months and weighs a staggering three pounds. Normal’s unique face seemed to sweep people off their feet Saturday afternoon, causing customers and even a few employees to gather around and shower him with affection.

Normal making his special guest appearance at the Fin N Feather. April 6. | Photo by Skylar Gaven.

This isn’t the first time Turpine and Normal have visited the local pet shop, they happen to be regulars. This shop holds a special place in Turpine’s heart, without it she probably wouldn’t have laid eyes on her precious companion. The Fin N Feather is where Turpine met Normal and they have been happy together ever since.

“I was buying supplies for my reptiles and I met him and I fell in love,” Turpine said. “If it weren’t for the Fin N Feather I would have never met him.”

Kids were allowed to pet and even hold a variety of reptiles. April 6. | Photo by Skylar Gaven.

Normal has brought so much joy into Turpine’s life she could never picture it without him.

“He is the best cat I could’ve ever dreamed of,” Turpine said. “I cannot imagine life without him at this point. Like seriously it makes me want to cry thinking about not having him in my life. He is such a precious cat and he gets along with my dogs as well.”

With a heart so pure and his adorable quirks it’d be almost impossible to not fall in love with Normal. Turpine said that Normal is very playful, and that he’ll keep himself entertained for hours.

“He’s very affectionate and he’ll sleep on my head,” Turpine said. “Every morning he’ll walk all over my face. He just has so much love to give.”

Turpine, like many others heard about the twenty percent discount on all items in the store and decided to stock up on supplies.

The whole store including possible pets were twenty percent off at the Fin N Feather pet shop for their Annual Spring Fling. April 6. Photo by Skylar Gaven.

Another happy customer like Argie Muñoz had her hands full of cat food and other treats for her furry friends back home.

“ I live in the neighborhood and (my dog) needed food anyway so I already bought one small bag of food for him,” Muñoz said. “My cat was running out of food so I was like, ‘I should come back with my car and buy actual food for her too.”

All day the shop was busy with cheerful pet owners and little kids along with their parents checking out a wide variety of dazzling fish, fascinating reptiles, colorful birds, and friendly pets walking around the shop.

A gorgeous Rainbow Boa just waking up from her nap. April 6. Photo by Skylar Gaven.

A warm welcome was given to all who entered by Fin N Feather employee Ginger Casanova. She was more than happy to announce that this was Fin N Feather’s second year hosting their Spring Fling.

The Sequoia Humane Society partnered with Fin N Feather and offered microchips, as well as training tips from Holly’s Hounds, and raffle prizes with proceeds being donated Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA).

“We have raffle prizes going on and all the proceeds from the tickets go to CASA,” Casanova said. “We have the Sequoia Humane Society microchipping, vendors, goody bags for everybody, it’s a big deal.”

A beautiful Scarlet Macaw sitting on it’s branch looking around the store. April 6. | Photo by Skylar Gaven.

If you missed the Spring Fling don’t worry there will be a next time as it is an annual event, and Fin N Feather is always looking for ways to cater to pet owners and locals. Also if you want to see more of Normal follow his Instagram account at “normal.the.cat”.

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