Graphic by Amanda Schultz
Graphic by Amanda Schultz

EDITORIAL: Joe needs to start a-Biden by the law

Joe Biden is being a creepy old white man, and he needs to stop

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Joe Biden is being a creepy old white man, and he needs to stop

There’s something we need to talk about…Joe Biden being a creepy old white man. Some old men are for some reason allowed to be handsy or touchy with women and little kids and they get away with it. Is this okay?

This is something that we definitely need to talk about. Growing up we are around elderly people of different genders and races. But, it’s sad to say that some elderly men have exhibited inappropriate behavior in the past, present and may do so in the future.

We as editors stand with those who have experienced uncomfortable touching of the shoulders or inappropriate conversation from old men and women. However, being as they are elderly and they are supposed to have the respect of the community, it is a struggle when dealing with whether or not one should share how they feel about the situation.

Now with the whole Joe Biden situation we have to decide whether or not we believe that his actions are appropriate. We have to look at the context of the situation. If there was a family event, then it may be okay for hugs and maybe kisses on the cheek. However, if you are at a professional or political event then you should probably stick to handshakes.

In some videos posted on YouTube Joe Biden is seen taking pictures with senators and their families. When the families would pose to take pictures with Biden, he would specifically ask for the young girls in the family to come and stand next to him in the photo.

While they were getting ready for the photo Biden is seen time and time again touching their hair and sometimes he is seen whispering something in their ear. It is clear that these little girls in the video are uncomfortable.

In another video while somebody is giving a speech Joe Biden is standing behind the man’s wife with his hands on her shoulders and whispering something in her ear. Once again inappropriate… Not to mention, when the husband turns around to acknowledge his wife in the speech, Biden quickly puts his hands behind his back and steps away as if he knows that he is overstepping his boundaries.

Whether or not these situations were all intentional or not, there needs to be a standard for situations like these. On behalf of The Lumberjack’s Editorial Staff, we believe that personal space is important and should be respected. If you ever find yourself questioning whether or not something is appropriate just play it safe! Be professional and respect their space.

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