Letter to the Editors: Journalism Department statement on KHSU

Journalism Department makes statement on KHSU gutting

By HSU Journalism Faculty

We were surprised and dismayed at last week’s layoffs at KHSU radio station. Because students, alumni and community partners have asked, we would like to make it clear that our department was not involved in the university’s decision to fire the employees.

We are deeply concerned about the fate of KHSU, a National Public Radio affiliated station with a long history on our campus and in our community. We are also deeply concerned about the fate of Radio Bilingüe, now also silenced, which broadcasts the only locally-produced Spanish-language radio news programs in Humboldt County. The dismantling of KHSU abruptly ended a for-credit college course for senior journalism students at the station.

Still going strong is HSU’s KRFH student-run radio station, which broadcasts on a low-powered frequency at 105.1 FM and online at KRFH.net. KRFH offers student-crafted news weekdays at noon, 2 , 4 and 6 p.m. during the semester. However, this is not the same type of programming as the content produced by professionals and community volunteers at KHSU.

It is important to distinguish between the KHSU community radio station located at the HSU campus Feuerwerker House and our student-run radio station KRFH in Gist Hall. KHSU began as student media 58 years ago, but over the decades, it matured into a professional NPR-affiliate station operated by staff and community volunteers.

KRFH radio station is completely managed and operated by HSU students. The Journalism Department oversees the student radio station in addition to a number of other student media organizations: The Lumberjack weekly newspaper, El Leñador monthly bilingual newspaper and Osprey magazine. While journalism faculty members advise these student media organizations, students control the content.

KHSU has served an important role on campus and throughout the county and has complemented our student-run media. Our journalism students benefited from the opportunity to move from their training ground in the KRFH radio booth to work at KHSU under the experienced guidance and mentorship of the paid staff and community volunteers. Several journalism alumni work at radio stations across the country because of the combined experience they acquired at both KRFH and KHSU radio stations.

Having two stations on one campus, a professional community station and a student-run station, has distinguished Humboldt State from other campuses in the Cal State system and around the country. We hope this clears up any confusion over the connection between KHSU and our student radio station KRFH. We are strong supporters of local media, and it is our hope that out of the current turmoil, a strong community-run station will rise.


Department Chair Deidre Pike

Professor Vicky Sama, Osprey faculty adviser

Professor Marcy Burstiner, The Lumberjack faculty adviser

Professor Kirby Moss

Cliff Berkowitz, KRFH faculty adviser

Amy Berkowitz, KRFH News faculty adviser

Andrea Juarez, El Leñador faculty adviser

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  1. Collin Slavey Collin Slavey Wednesday, April 17, 2019

    There have to be minutes or emails somewhere talking about the decision to cut the program. Whodunnit?

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