Positive messages left by many students for all to see. April 20. Photo by Skylar Gaven.

Come and get your love

HSU hosts sex-positive event that welcomes everyone

Love was in the air at HSU as humorous stickers, sex education booths and kinky raffle prizes were brought together in one room to satisfy everybody’s personal needs.

Sexland is a sex-positive and sex educational event held every spring that provides resources for all students who are looking for a comfortable place to speak about intimate relations, better understand different sexualities or just look around at all the pleasurable toys and crafts presented in the Kate Buchanan Room.

The Kate Buchanan Room was filled with students wanting to have a fun time learning more about sex. April 20. Photo by Skylar Gaven.

HSU student Talia Rivera has happily been a part of this frisky occasion for two years now. She was full of positive energy throughout the day and thrilled to see the turnout.

“This is just an amazing event that we put on to try to give resources and talk about sex in a positive light and there’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Rivera said. “It’s a lot of giving back to students and being able to create a space where we can talk about these things.”

Employee at Eureka’s “Good Relations” sex shop, Malandra Windworth, was blown away with all the students who stopped at her booth, and was happy to answer any question they asked. April 20. Photo by Skylar Gaven.

Among the many tables that offered plenty of helpful resources and tips a local sex shop in Eureka called Good Relations showed off some of their tantalizing toys.

Good Relations employee Malandra Windworth was amazed at all the students who stopped at her table to learn more about loving themselves in all the right places.

For Windworth this was a wholesome event that gave her the opportunity to share valuable advice on sex and to carryout lighthearted conversions with students.

“Sex education is my jam. You learn new things all the time, with new sex toys coming out it’s exciting to see the industry progress,” Windworth said. “I really enjoy the fact that everybody is super open, it’s not a super comfortable subject for a lot of people so it’s been nice having really good questions, and having people who seem a little shy or uncomfortable at first warming up.”

Check It! students providing delicious refreshments for all who came to the event. April 20. Photo by Skylar Gaven.

For HSU student Deema Hindawi who proudly serves as an active member at HSU’s Women’s Resource Center, Sexland gave her opportunity to explain what this program has to offer.

The Women’s Resource Center has held events like “Kink on Campus” held every fall semester and “Take Back the Night” which took place last week in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The program has been extremely helpful when it comes to women’s needs, like providing free menstrual supplies in the campus bathrooms and giving support to those who have no one to turn to.

“We are mandated reporters so if anyone wants to ever talk to us we don’t report, we’re here if you’re ever uncomfortable,” Hindawi said. “If there is anything that you want to talk about come through, it’s a safe space. You can come study with us, hang out with us, it’s just a cool space.”


The Sex on Earth event was more than just the exhilarating prizes. It was about giving HSU students a better understanding of the importance of sex education and creating a strong sense of community that provides an enormous amount of resources for anyone who needs a space in which they can comfortably be themselves, or feels like they want to spice up their love life.

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