Ahn Bui greeting everybody who walked up to CCAT with a friendly smile on April 27. Photo by Skylar Gaven.

Mayday, Mayday there’s a celebration

CCAT brings in its 41st May Day celebration

CCAT brings in its 41st May Day celebration

The sun was shining brightly, flower crowns were seen everywhere, and music blasted all day for the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology’s 41st May Day celebration.

CCAT is a nonprofit student run organization that provides numerous amounts of workshops and tours open for the public. It also offers a great deal of hands-on work for anybody who is up to volunteer.

Locals making their way up to the CCAT house to join in the festivities on April 27. | Photo by Skylar Gaven.

Anh Bui, the co-director from last year, greeted everyone who walked up to the CCAT house. Bui was full of energy and was excited to see all the new and familiar faces who wanted to join in on the festivities.

“I like being here because it’s fun, the people are fun,” Bui said. “It’s for people who seem like minded and also bringing in people who are not like minded and expose them to new things.”

Ahn Bui greeting everybody who walked up to CCAT with a friendly smile on April 27. | Photo by Skylar Gaven.

Students and volunteers who invest so much time to create such a friendly environment is just one of the many components that CCAT transfers to both HSU students and the general public.

“There’s a lot of components making what CCAT is and what CCAT is now,” Bui said. “Student enthusiasm and volunteers is what keeps us alive and our connection with people and the community bring people here.”

Everyone who joined the celebration were free to dance to the live performers on the CCAT lawn. | Photo by Skylar Gaven.

Engineering student Riley Henderson, like many others, walked to the CCAT bunk house to enjoy laughs and a variety of colorful exciting activities. Henderson has been eager to check out CCAT and was delighted that she came. Henderson along with her daughter had a wonderful time spending the day with the loving community.

“I’m an engineering student and I’ve definitely wanted to come here for a while, just the sustainability of CCAT in general has always been a draw for me,” Henderson said, “It’s very welcoming and inviting and even my daughter loves it.”

CCAT has always opened its doors to new volunteers ready to get down and dirty. For David Kandoo, who just so happened to stop by in Arcata for a little while, stumbled to CCAT with a friend of his and immediately fell for the community.

“I’m actually just a random guy passing through town, I was with my boy Patrick who is also a passerby and he was like ‘I gotta run to CCAT and volunteer’ and I was like ‘I’ll go,” Kandoo said, “I love this kind of stuff, this is what we live for.”

Students gathering around to make vibrant flower crowns. | Photo by Skylar Gaven.

CCAT was more than happy to have Kandoo stay, help out, and just enjoy this extraordinary group that projected nothing but love Saturday afternoon. Kandoo was especially happy to talk to new people and expressed plenty of loving energy throughout the day.

“They invited me back today and I wouldn’t miss it,” Kandoo said.

The backyard of CCAT was filled with a buoyant crowd who really spread the love to all who showed their support.

“This is a community space, a place to be, you could do anything here, it’s family,” Kandoo said.

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