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OPINION: What’s in the black hole?

Will you be ready for whatever is to come with, or even out of black holes?

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Will you be ready for whatever is to come with, or even out of black holes?

Earlier this month the science community exploded when the first images of a black hole were taken. This new development got me thinking, what’s in the black hole?

Until this photo no one knew what an actual black hole looked like. Scientists weren’t even completely sure they existed, it was all a theory.

Some people think if we go into a black hole we’ll just die. Others believe that going into a black hole will take us into another dimension in time or space.

I want to have some fun and make some guesses to what I think is the black hole. One guess is that when we go into the black hole, we’ll end up on a new foreign land filled with aliens who all look like Beyoncé.

Another theory is maybe after getting sucked into a black hole, we could all come out like Looney Toon characters or deformed in some way.

What I truly believe is that there is nothing on the other side of black holes. Maybe, if you fall into a black hole you just never come out. What if there is no end point to a black hole? The universe is always expanding and growing, what if black holes just keep growing?

What is also interesting about this discovery is how spot-on the pictures of digitized or drawn black holes are. I mean, the movie “Interstellar” was spot on compared to the real image of the black hole. This is not the first time Hollywood has eerily predicted future events before they happen. Which is a whole other opinion, for a different day.

Whatever ends up being in the black hole will be a question that I may or may not be alive to see answered. I think while we’re doing all this exploring in space people should be ready for whatever comes our way.

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