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Netflix Closes Scranton Branch

NBC is set to make its own streaming service, taking "The Office" off of Netflix.

NBC is set to make its own streaming service, taking “The Office” off of Netflix

On June 25, Netflix announced the removal of “The Office” from its streaming services. “The Office” will officially be removed by Jan. 2021. NBC decided to pull out its shows and create its own streaming service to compete with Hulu and Netflix. Many fans were upset about the news, including myself. “The Office” is a popular show loved by many, so popular that it was streamed for over 52 billion minutes last year alone.

“The Office” is a globally popular show that many return to watching when other TV series come to an end. Personally, I have rewatched this show over 20 times from start to finish. This is a show that can be rewatched over and over. The jokes are still as funny as the first time you heard them, thanks to its balanced use of comedic tropes.

For many people, the show is background noise to fall asleep to.

On Twitter, there are millions of tweets on how people fall asleep to “The Office” every night. Including Derek Peth who tweeted, “I need a sleep mode in Netflix so the intro and credits on “The Office” don’t wake me up every 24 minutes.” His tweet received about 1.2k retweets and 14.3k favorites.

Anyone who falls asleep to “The Office” knows that the sound of the intro and credits is loud enough to wake the dead.

This show has had a huge impact on many people’s lives, whether it results in having a good laugh after a long day or it just plays as a favorite binge watch series on a Sunday afternoon. “The Office” is so impactful that there are groups online dedicated to talking about it all day, every day.

There’s a group on Facebook called “The Office Addicts,” which has 156,220 members and boasts daily posting from everyone within the group just talking about the show. This show also has fan accounts posting scenes from “The Office” on Instagram and Twitter. There’s even a petition, on, signed by 69,011 people to keep the show on Netflix.

It is ridiculous to have to pay for another streaming service just for the one show, but some of us just might. I think Netflix is just fine for the simple fact that it has a variety of shows and movies from multiple TV networks, but we are losing a beloved show thanks to NBC’s corporate greed. Make sure to watch “The Office” as much as you can before it leaves Netflix in January 2021.

As Michael Scott once said, “I don’t hate it. I just don’t like it at all and it’s terrible.”

Sign the petition here.

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