Humboldt State forward Isaiah Dairo avoids a collision with San Fransisco State goalkeeper Peter Swinkels at the College Creek Field on Nov. 3.

Men’s Soccer Wins In Stunner Against SF

A strong second half propelled the Jacks past SF State to start off their final homestand

Three-game losing streak snapped by Jacks’ offense

The Humboldt State men’s soccer team defeated San Francisco State 3-1 on Saturday. It was another strong offensive outing for a Humboldt State team that has found the back of the net often this season.

The Lumberjacks impressed in the second half with goals from Isaiah Dairo, Marco Silveira and Dalton Rice. The victory snapped a three-game losing streak, bringing their overall record to 7-8, and two more games to play in the regular season.

The first half of the game was tightly contested, with both teams taking most of the time to feel out the opposing defense. The Gators’ midfield play provided a challenge for the Jacks’ offensive players as they were unable to break through the center of the field.

However, Humboldt State was able to find their rhythm as they quickly moved the ball upfield to create more space between SF State’s defenders and cut to the net. As a result, the Jacks outshot the Gators 6-4.

Humboldt State midfielder Nicolas Falco keeps the ball away from an attempted tackle by SF State’s Ramiro Palencia at the College Creek Field on Nov. 3.

Despite the Jacks’ progressive play, the Gators were able to get a shot over the head of HSU goalkeeper Tab Heinz. With just over three minutes left in the half, the Gators grabbed a 1-0 lead just before halftime.

Coming out of halftime, the already physical match ramped up as the Jacks looked to make a comeback. Just a couple of minutes into the half, Humboldt State thought they tied up the game as Dairo chipped the ball in from short-range. But, a whistle from the line ref called the play offsides.

This setback didn’t appear to have a lasting effect on the Jacks, as Dairo once again found the back of the net, putting the ball over the Gators’ goalkeeper from the penalty box. Th Jacks tied the game 1-1. The goal was Dairo’s 10th of the season as he leads the Jacks in scoring.

“They give me a lot of support and they give me a lot of energy to keep going,” Dairo said. “That’s something that made me want to stand back up and keep pushing this game. It’s up to you if you want to mentally and physically stand up and my team definitely helped me through that challenge.”

The Jacks went on to score shortly after Dairo returned to play. Silveira netted his third goal of the season by firing the ball from the right-wing and banking it in off of a Gators defender.

Humboldt State forward Marco Silvera and San Francisco State defender Damiano Sbicca battle for possession at College Creek Field on Nov. 3.

The sudden change in direction took both the defenders and the goalkeeper by surprise and sent the home crowd into a frenzy. Just seven minutes later, Humboldt State followed with another goal off of a second chance rebound as Rice rocketed the ball past the off-balance goalkeeper.

At the end of the game, Head Coach Fred Jungemann talked about how pleased he was with his team’s performance. He was particularly pleased with how the Jacks limited their defensive errors and were able to stay strong in their own zone.

“Today we really focused on minimizing our mistakes and managing the game a little bit better,” Jungemann said. “I think it showed in the result as well in only giving up only one goal.”

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