Health workers at the Student Health Center help students at the COVID-19 testing center on campus during the first official day of select in person classes on Sept. 8, 2020. | Photo by Thomas Lal

Humboldt County’s public health officer

Dr. Teresa Frankovich resigns after 8 months

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Dr. Teresa Frankovich resigns after 8 months

Dr. Frankovich took on the role of Humboldt countries public health officer back in Jan., less than a month before the county reported its very first case of COVID-19.

Frankovich submitted her resignation to the Board of Supervisors, which will take effect when the new replacement is hired.

Frankovich says that due to the emergence of COVID-19 and the amount of responsibility it requires, the health officer position has changed from the part-time position to a full time commitment.

She added that it makes the most sense to plan for a replacement when we are in a fairly stable position.

“I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to witness, first-hand, the integrity and commitment of an amazing team and for the incredible support of many of our elected officials and community members, who embody the best of what drew me back to Humboldt,” Frankovich said.

Moving forward, Dr. Frankovich plans to work in a part-time capacity under the new Humboldt County Deputy Health Officer, Dr. Josh Ennis.

Dr. Frankovich released a letter to residents regarding her full resignation that can be viewed online.

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