5 of the Best Places to Find the Beloved Banana Slug

Aka the most slimy places in Humboldt

Finding these fellas may seem easy, but when you want to find a ton of friends, there are specific places to go. This is your ticket to finding the most majestic creatures you’ve ever seen. This is your journey to find banana slugs.

  1. Blackberry bushes are your number one place. These wonderful fruit bushes don’t just give a tasty treat to us, but to the slugs as well! These cuties love to hang out around the bushes and eat the berries, or just take a nap! Feel free to feed them blackberries if you hold them and they’ll become your best friend! There are many blackberry bushes on the trails behind the HSU campus, and the slugs are friendly to kind students.
  2. Skunk Cabbage. I went on a random adventure and came across a large field of skunk cabbage. It was INFESTED with slugs! I spotted hundreds and hundreds. It was a sight to see, and I only wish Van Gogh had painted this scene. These slugs are vibrant creatures, but love to hide under leaves. Look around! You’ll begin to spot them easily.
  3. Redwood tree nooks are one of their favorite spots. They love hiding in the forest in any nooks and crannies they can find. Often, if there are holes or burrows in trees, you’ll find them. Luckily, redwoods surround Humboldt County, so opportunities for finding one of these fellas are plentiful.
  4. Redwood National Park, just an hour from campus, is an easy place to find banana slugs, but you have to look a little harder if it’s too cold. These creatures love to dance in the rain and slime over mushrooms, but get cold just like you or me!
  5. Of course, your own backyard is one of the best places to find these munchers. They love to eat your garden vegetables, and who blames them? Your tomatoes and lettuce are delish! Remember to be kind if you are removing these creatures. They are simply living off the land!

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