Top 5 classes for freshman

Advice for freshmen on what classes to take

This week is the start of Humboldt State University registration for returning and new students for fall semester 2021. As a junior journalism major, I wanted to give some helpful insight into the top five classes freshman should take including factors such as potential in-person or online classes. It is decided between requirements of freshmen as well as good experience for the first-year semester of college.

Number Five

Science with a lab: I am not great at science so I waited, but one of the requirements for all college students is to take science with a lab course. These courses are not only mandatory but can be fun. Considering that when they were in person they are interactive between labs and lectures but can be difficult depending on the individual class. Since the pandemic, there have been some in-person labs.

Number Four

Communication and/or critical thinking: Communication and critical thinking is a required course and a part of the Golden Four which is communications, critical thinking, oral communication, and math. Communications and oral communication involves speech classes where one will present speeches.

A critical thinking course involves any type of subject involving critical thinking. I took A psychology critical thinking course because I was interested in the subject and involved that golden four. Critical thinking courses can be found in other subjects as well.

Number Three

Electives such as art, music, and language: These courses can be a very fun and good way to start an interest, especially in the first semester. Not only are elective courses required but encouraged. These courses contain all types of students such as seniors and down. These courses allow you to maybe express your artistic side and spark interest in a minor. I took art history and found it fascinating to learn about art all around the globe and found friends as well within the course.

Number Two

GE requirements such as math, English, science, and history: These courses are close to first because they are one of the most important to knock out of the way as a freshman. These courses usually fill up fast since most freshmen try to take them as soon as possible so remember to have them in your enrollment cart and ready to go for registration.

Don’t go too high of a course if you think you’re not ready, take only what is required or bare minimum regarding general education so you don’t become overwhelmed. I recommend a 100 level course for general education, I took all my GE courses within my freshman year besides science and it was a lot easier.

Number One

Major course classes: This is where one can branch off into what they are passionate or interested in and get the hang of the subject and what the future will look like in this course. I took one major course my first semester and then two my next and it helped me get a plan for my future semester and what my interests were. If a freshman is coming in undeclared which is completely fine, stick to general education and perhaps take a course that interests you as well.

To graduate on time in four years, 15 units per semester is the goal. This means if each class has 3 units, 5 classes a semester is what to aim for. Next semester may be limited to in-person classes because of the pandemic so plan accordingly. Take this advice in mind and now have a goal but still enjoy the college experience.

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