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CSU announces new vaccination guidelines for Fall semester

New guidelines state that all students must receive full COVID-19 vaccinations for Fall to access facilities on campus.

The CSU system has instituted a new guideline for the fall 2021 semester: all students and staff are required to be fully vaccinated before arriving on campus.

The move comes as schools begin loosening restrictions due to COVID-19 and anticipating a return to in person classes. The hope is that each campus will be able to provide most classes in person, while still allowing many students to telecommute if need be.

While vaccine rollout has been slow, HSU has distributed vaccinations for staff in the past months and recently has begun vaccinating on campus students as well. However, both would be expected to update the mandatory immunization they are required to get before coming to campus. While public roll out of vaccines has caused some confusion, many CSU campuses have vaccination sites running for whomever they are serving.

Hazel J. Kelly, public affairs manager for CSU’s department of strategic communication and public affairs, says that while the guidelines have been announced, how exactly the CSU system will handle their implementation and help students get their appointment is still being worked out.

“The CSU’s COVID vaccination policy is still under development and many of the details are still being worked out,” Kelly said “While there is no certainty at this point as to when the requirement would be put into place, the CSU would be able to provide guidance to students in need of a vaccination.”

The push would mean vaccinating more than 1 million people across California at CSU campuses. The CSU system is taking this step alongside the University of California who has implemented the same policy. The plans are largely contingent on full approval of any of the vaccines and will be implemented either before the beginning of the semester or as soon as there is an available approved vaccine.

In a press release on April 21, CSU chancellor Joseph I. Castro stated that widespread vaccinations have massively curved the spread of COVID-19 and are vital to returning to normalcy after a year of lockdowns.

“The state of California has been a leader in the administration of COVID-19 vaccines, and Californians receiving a vaccine has led to significantly reducing the transmission of COVID-19 in our state,” Castro said “Continued vigilance will further mitigate the spread of the disease that has radically altered our lives over the past year.”

After a year of Zooming in for everything, many students are eager to return to full in person classes. This move and the other steps to return to campus will allow students a more normal experience.

Cohl Mascitelli, incoming HSU student for the class of 2025, says that he supports the move and that it doesn’t affect his plans to come on campus.

“I totally agree with it since many vaccines are now available to the public,” Mascitelli said. “It doesn’t affect me because i’m fully vaccinated. I think if students want to push for a more normal semester with most in person classes, this is the way to go.”

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