HSU Student and COVID-19 survivor, Elise Fero, reunites with her slug-family after spending 10 days in isolation. | Photo by Dakota Cox on September 20.

An adventure up a redwood


Sluggy the banana slug had a desire for adventure like no other. They wanted to see the world from above, rather than below like they always had. The idea: climb to the top of a redwood tree. What Sluggy didn’t know were the friends they’d make along the way.

At the bottom of the tree sat a fox, a sweet orange and white bellied creature with a sly smile.

“Hello Fox, I’m going up this tree. Any advice?” Sluggy asked.

“Well Sluggy, I’d say be as clever as you can to make many friends in the trees so you always have food,” Fox said.

So with that, Sluggy continued up the tree. After a day, Sluggy reached the next friend.

It was a mother raccoon teaching its young to climb.

“Hello Raccoon, I’m going up this tree. Any advice?” Sluggy asked.

“Dear, please be careful! Travel with your family instead of alone sweet Sluggy!” said Raccoon.

Sluggy suddenly felt lonely, so they decided to ask a fellow slug on the tree to join. They agreed. Another day later, Sluggy and their new tree climbing partner Slugeth reached their next friend. An owl, sitting peacefully with both eyes shut and wings on its sides.

“Hello Owl, we are going up this tree. Any advice?” Sluggy and Slugeth asked.

“Woo are you? Banana slugs in the tree? Quite high, don’t you think? Beware the dangers of climbing, be wise when you are traveling to new places. Don’t talk to strangers. Woo!” Owl said.

Sluggy and Slugeth felt much more prepared after talking to Owl. They knew now that this adventure wouldn’t be as easy as they may have thought.

Two days of traveling later and after some very windy weather, Sluggy and Slugeth came across their next friend. A bouncy little tail followed a kind and goofy squirrel.

“Hello Squirrel, we are going up this tree. Any advice?” Sluggy and Slugeth asked.

“Sluggy and Slugeth, just remember to have fun! This tree is full of surprises and fun branches to climb on! Eat acorns and collect the tops as little hats!” Squirrel said.

Squirrel then made the two slugs acorn hats and fed them acorn soup. Such a goofy yet generous fellow.

The climb up the tree continued to get harder and Sluggy became very thankful for the advice from raccoon. Slugeth was a great adventure partner.

Suddenly they heard a very loud pecking sound and knew they were upon their next friend. It was woodpecker, the sharp beaked fluff ball!

“Hello Woodpecker, we are going up this tree. Any advice?” Sluggy and Slugeth asked.

“Don’t forget to make holes in the tree to mark your territory. You need to remember how to get down the tree,” Woodpecker said.

They continued up the tree, biting tiny pieces of bark to mark where they had been so they remembered the way back down. They were very close to the top.

Just then, a crow flew overhead and landed on the highest point of the tree.

“Hello Sluggy and Slugeth. You climbed to the top of the tree! Do you have any advice for going down?” asked crow.

Sluggy and Slugeth thought very long. How could they sum up everything they had learned on their adventure?

“Oh, the adventure we’ve been on! I would advise making friends so you always have dinner with someone, going with another friend, being very careful, having fun, marking your path… and well, enjoying the journey because you may never get to do it again,” said Sluggy.

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