Photo by Morgan Hancock | Team safety officer Juliana Suzukawa at archery practice in the SRC on Thursday, Oct. 7
Photo by Morgan Hancock | Team safety officer Juliana Suzukawa at archery practice in the SRC on Thursday, Oct. 7

Archers take shot for first

Cal Poly Humboldt Archery Club holds mock tournament.

by Carlos Pedraza

The Cal Poly Humboldt Archery Club held a mock tournament on Saturday, March 28. The club meets in the field house of the SRC building setting up bails with targets to shoot at. In the casual tournament, participants kept track of their scores. When all their arrows were let loose, members would stand behind the shooting line talking with each other.

Each round of shooting began with archers waiting to hear the commands of “anyone in the closet!”, “anyone behind the curtain!” It is shouted before every round for safety, so no one is hit by a loose arrow. The archer would advance to the shooting line with the command “archers to the line!”

The club members have different levels of experience ranging from lifelong archers to recent archers. Neri Traugot, a second-year theater arts major, is an experienced archer who’s been shooting for most of her life. “Since I was five years old when I could pull a five-pound bow,” said Traugot.

Henry Myers is a third-year political science major. Myers has been in the club for a semester. He used to shoot in the past but took a hiatus.

“I had to re-get good at it,” Myers said.

The club is led by Vice President and current acting President Josh Bagg. He has been an archer for five years. Bagg explained how the club is open to everyone no matter the level of experience.

“We have many members who are coaches,” Bagg said. “The club provides all the equipment someone will need to participate . . . just try it out, it won’t hurt to try.”

The tournament ended with everyone winning a club t-shirt for participating but the people with the highest scores were Juliana Suzukawa in first place, Jovani Villasenor in second, and Josh Bagg in third place.

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