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by Cherish Fulcher

The Cal Poly Humboldt Library is gearing up with lots of new additions and courses for students as we switch from online to in-person classes on campus.

Prior to the pandemic, the library was a common place for studying and meeting with friends, as well as a hub for student support. With students now returning to campus, the library staff is excited to be adding new additions to the library.

“There isn’t much traffic in the library since we’ve slowly begun returning to campus, but now we are, we definitely want students to know that we are still here and there is a lot for them to get involved with,” said Tim Miller, head of SkillShops in the library.

“In addition to academic support and the available technology in the library, we really want the students to know about the upcoming skill shops and the Makerspace,” Miller said.

The Makerspace and SkillShops are located on the third floor of the library. There is a place to study, and access tech and recording equipment. In addition, SkillShops will be offering a series of workshops ranging from learning how to code to learning how to budget starting now and the following semesters ahead.

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