Associated Students At-Large Representative Gerardo Hernandez poses questions for Stephen St. Onge, the Executive Director of Auxiliary Operations at CPH.

Cal Poly Humboldt promises 600 on-campus beds for returning and transfer students


by August Linton

University officials confirmed that 600 beds on campus would be reserved for transfers and continuing students In a Q&A posted on the CPH housing website on Feb. 10. At a meeting the same day of the Cal Poly Humboldt Associated Students Board of Directors, CPH executive director of auxiliary services Stephen St. Onge provided other updates on the University’s ongoing plans for student housing in Fall 2023. 

The 600 housing spots will be opening up on campus on April 13 and 14, according to St. Onge. 

“There’s not going to be as many beds as will probably fill the need, but we are going to open some up,” said St. Onge. 

Executive Director for Auxiliary Operations Stephen St. Onge fields questions from member of the public Johnathon Macias during the A.S meeting on Feb 10.

Students will not be penalized for leaving on-campus leases early, and will receive partial refunds if they choose to live elsewhere.

St. Onge said that the University is working on an amenity package for those students who will be living in the ‘bridge housing’ off campus. There are no details as of yet on what this package will include, or when this information will be available. The housing website elaborates that students are collaborating with admin on this.

The Temporary Emergency Housing Program will continue as usual, according to St. Onge.

Executive Director for Auxiliary Operations, Stephen St. Onge, fields questions from the Associated Students Board of Directors during the housing insecure students meeting on Feb 10.

Students were frustrated by the lack of concrete answers provided by St. Onge on some topics, as he avoided speaking definitively on any topic outside of specific updates on housing. Lower-level administrative positions have been at the forefront of the university’s response to controversy in the wake of last week’s housing announcement.

The AS Board of Directors discussed a resolution to increase awareness, advocacy, and support for housing-insecure students. 

Co-author Ashley Calkins said that the main goal of the resolution is to increase the AS’ advocacy on behalf of the student body in issues of housing insecurity.

“I think that it’s important that the administration knows where we stand on this so that we can advocate for the students,” said co-author Gerardo Hernandez, At-Large Representative. “It’s important that the students know where we stand on this.”

Hernandez spoke about his experience as an R.A. after the housing policy was announced. He says his residents were freaking out about whether they would have to stay over the summer or even transfer to other universities.

Associated Students At-Large Representative Gerardo Hernandez poses questions for Stephen St. Onge, the Executive Director of Auxiliary Operations at CPH.

“I think that every student right here that has been expressing anger has every right to, and I’m pissed off too,” said Hernandez.

The themed housing communities on campus, including Rainbow/Gender Inclusive, Sankofa House, Native American Living, and La Comunidad will maintain their number of students, including returning students, according to St. Onge.

“There are groups from, I would say, some of the more vulnerable populations, members of the BIPOC community, LGBTQ community, foster youth,” St. Onge said. “We will save spots on campus for them to continue on campus should they desire.”

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  1. Michael Sagehorn Michael Sagehorn Saturday, February 11, 2023

    Adequate housing for students dates back to 1977 when many of use were assigned to trailer parks. I believe the lack of housing in Arcata was the result of the cozy relationship between alumni in the rental industry and the administrators at HSU .

    • Henchman Of Justice Henchman Of Justice Monday, February 13, 2023

      Lack of housing in Arcata since 1977 must be a “rose-pedal-picking-does/does not” contest because not too long ago this Century, Arcatan locals and City Government were complaining about all the housing being used by college students in SFR’s turned into rentals…

      …and, not to sugar-coat the scene like a baker’s dozen 13, but the on-campus housing has had geological instability issues, fire code issues, and some other pesky inconveniences like rust, water, and other impacts…

      …but yes, a DR Horton sized mixed-use development on campus would be great, keep the students in their common area… and since subordination politics is not an issue, CPH can construct a 5+ story living facility, called dorms… get a great view of campus… and the City can’t stop it…only comment… then litigate some hubbub…

  2. Henchman Of Justice Henchman Of Justice Monday, February 13, 2023

    [“I’m here because I’m really angry right now,” he said. “A lot of us are, because we don’t have anyplace else to live. A lot of us don’t have any mode of transportation. So if we’re living off campus, how are we going to get to and from [school]?”] ~ a protestor

    Every Cal Poly Humboldt student knows or should know the liberal progressive absorbent nature of Humboldt, and CALIFORNIA.

    It is called “transit” services…

    Additionally, if CPH, COTR and THE YUROK TRIBE can partner on wind energy labor training, then surely little ole CPH can coordinate with transit schedulers on those times, locations for public transit to serve colleges, universities… of course, bike riding is a transitory option to… like walking.

    Just do not get why the other options are viewed as not options… weird for a CPH student…

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