Humboldt Men’s Volleyball Steals Win With Quick Turnaround


by Jake Knoeller and Lidia Grande-Ruiz

Despite various moments during the game that made it look like the Lumberjacks were going to lose, Humboldt scored a win against University of San Francisco at Lumberjack Arena on Saturday. The final score was 3 sets to 1. 

Pre-game warmups between the USF Dons and the Jacks were on opposite sides of the net. Tensions were high and felt between each team before the game began. 

The Jacks were feeling it in the warmups but slowly started to feel frustrated when they lost in the first set.

“In the first set, they were just very cold,” said head coach Gabriel Munoz. “The first set is one that doesn’t go too well sometimes, but after that they really pick their energy up.”

At the start of the second set the Jacks started to pick it up. They were comfortably able to even the set score at 1-1.

During the break after two sets, crowds were invited to come out and play on the court. Whoever hit a player with the ball got a free t-shirt. Students and adults alike gave it a try. Shirt or no shirt winning, the hype was definitely felt from the crowd by the time the third set began. Warm energy from the crowd gave Humboldt a confidence boost that helped them win the third set. 

“I loved having people shout my number and cheer us on as we worked for our win,” said Jacks player Sean Ahern. “I’m grateful for everyone that came out.”

Jacks players joked around and twerked on the court whenever they scored a win which earned a laugh from the audience. USF Dons on the opposing side looked and laughed with weird stares. 

By the time the fourth game was starting, Humboldt showed that even if the beginning does not start out how one wishes, with perseverance and support, they can eventually end up winning in the end. 

That’s exactly what they did, winning a close set and getting that third victory they needed to finish off the game.

“We kinda just learned what we liked and built energy off every hit,” said Jacks teammate Ian Macdonald. “I think it’s gonna bring momentum into our games next weekend.” 

The Jacks play in the Northern California Collegiate Volleyball League in the North Tier Division 2. Other teams in their division include University of San Francisco, Saint Mary’s College, UC Davis B, and University of Nevada-Reno B. 

“The upcoming season is going to be fun. I enjoyed myself personally. It was a fun game so I am very excited,” said Jacks player Cody Kangas.

Humboldt has a tournament coming up next week where they get to face every team in their league. Their next home game will be Saturday, Feb. 25 at 5 p.m. against University of Nevada-Reno B. 

“It’ll be a fun tournament,” said Munoz. 

A good bond between teammates and dedicated coaches keeps this team motivated.

“Gabe is a great coach who is dedicating his time to us for nothing more than his own enjoyment,” said Ahern. “It’s a joy and pleasure to be around him and the others when we’re playing.”

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