Photo by Jake Knoeller | Luke Fisher lines up a shot with his pool cue

Luke Fisher plays five hours of pool a day


by Jake Knoeller

If you’ve ever stopped by the Student Activities Center to play pool on campus, you have most likely seen Luke Fisher, who has become somewhat of a celebrity at Cal Poly Humboldt in his first year here.

Fisher is known for his extroverted personality and almost always having a pool cue in his hand.

“Luke is just here so often, it’s kind of impossible to not see him if you come here every now and then,” said Dremaine Boyd Jr., a newcomer to pool who likes to play socially. “It’s kind of infectious because it makes you want to play more.”

It is almost a surprise not to see Fisher if you are in the pool table area, meaning he is usually eating or getting some work done instead. If you strike up a conversation with him, he is pretty much always up for a game of pool with anybody.

“I’d say he is here 95% of the time I’m here,” said Chance Arendt, a friend of Fisher’s who also plays pool on campus regularly.

Fisher has always played a little bit of pool, but started playing every day last semester. He spends about five hours playing in a day when he has the time.

“I think I’m one of the few who doesn’t ever get bored of it,” said Fisher.

According to Fisher, he has really good luck when playing pool. His record for pockets in a row is six and he wants to reach eight in a row at some point because a few of his friends have. He hopes to continue improving.

“I’m hoping maybe I can get as good as Efren Reyes, but that’s gonna take a long, long time because he’s the best pool player ever,” said Fisher. “If I can get better than Cole Insalaco I’ll be happy because he’s the best on campus.”

Fisher is majoring in journalism with a news concentration. He is from the Central Coast and has lived there since 2014. If there is one thing Fisher loves doing as much as pool, it’s showing off the tattoo he has of Nicki Minaj at the bottom of his leg.

“I think Luke is the most social person I’ve ever met,” said Arendt. “He really cares about everyone.”

Luke Fisher is unapologetically himself, which is one of the reasons why many people enjoy being around him. He intends to continue working towards his goals in the game of pool. 

“He has something that he’s working towards, which is pretty remarkable,” said Boyd.

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