We ain’t afraid of no ghost

Ghosts are figments of our imagination. That strange presence you’ve felt is your mind playing tricks on you. Chances are there is a rational explanation for that mysterious noise you heard in the middle of the night. The prickly feeling

Letter to the editor

It has been an unfortunate few days for me since the Lumberjack published a distorted article on the state of composting at HSU. Your article has effected more than our campus community – I have been contacted by people from

Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, On September 5, 2017 the Lumberjack ran a story about how students who use campus meal plans lose their J-points at the end of the year (“Students’ J-point money washed away”). Students who use meal plans receive about

Make the most of it

Businesses in Arcata close up shop too early, leaving some of us bored and frustrated with the same limited options when we’re done for the day. Affordable dining and entertainment options are especially slim pickings. A good deal of local

My beef with killing the meat industry

Eliminating the meat industry would do more harm than good to our planet. The idea that animal agriculture is completely unethical and impractical is false. The media does a fine job of antagonizing the meat industry, and we all know

DVAM is now

From O.J. Simpson to Ray Rice, domestic violence in the United States is an issue that has been perpetuated for too long. It is often swept under the rug due to its complexity. In honor of recognizing October as Domestic

More like higher training!

By | Reza Sadeghzadeh Let’s be honest and tell it like it is. The big corporations want the politicians to turn higher education into a factory that produces blue and white collar workers because the corporations need individuals that are

The next great quake is coming

It’s only a matter of time before nature blindsides us with a catastrophic earthquake. Geologists predict that the next big one could happen within our lifetime and we are ill-prepared for it. According to the Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast

A nuanced way of grading

By | Reza Sadeghzadeh Settling for a lower grade is frustrating when you’re trying to get the grade you want. It’s time to get rid of our old, outdated grading structure! There is a new way of grading that allows

Drive right, pass left

The 101 between Eureka and Arcata sucks and it might be your fault

Recycling isn’t working

Recycling is not as sustainable as you might think. It has become a wasteful movement that was beneficial during the early stages of the environmental movement. Now the cost outweighs the satisfaction we get out of recycling. “Recycling has been

Beat the gun

People lose sight of the bigger picture when mass shootings occur. Gun owners and non-owners sound off their views on the internet to a great extent with little to no common ground. If we were to look at a Venn

Where’s our legal protection?

By | Reza Sadeghzadeh There is a health center on campus for students, but there is no place on campus for students to go to when they have a legal issue. So many students have to deal with greedy landlords,

Drink smart

If we’re going out for drinks, we need to follow some rules for our own good. All work and no play makes a Lumberjack dull. Okay, that’s not exactly how the saying goes, but the truth is many people want

Get your facts straight

By | Matthew Hable You, the reader, have a moral responsibility to verify the truth when it comes to news. Fake news is everywhere and much of it has to do with the fact that the average person can be

Let’s talk about gender pronouns

The transgender community has more important things to worry about than correcting common misconceptions about their personal identity. Violent hate crimes and discrimination in healthcare and employment are just a few examples of the problems transgender people face. If you

California Cap and Trade: Climate Problems Solved?

By | Ciara Emery As hundreds of bills sit on Governor Jerry Brown’s Desk for signature at the end of this legislative session, a cap and trade extension prevails as a win…for some. A ten-year extension to California’s landmark carbon

An alumnus perspective on being Lumberjack football player

Over the last few weeks, a lot of rumor, fear and misinformation have been circling about the possible loss of Lumberjack football next year. As a 40 year old alumnus and former football player, I felt it is important to

Not going down without a fight!

I hope that this letter reaches all of my former Humboldt State teammates, former Jacks that have worn the Green and Gold and all of the Lumberjack supporters out there. I will be sending this letter on to Dr. Lisa