The gate leading down to the Redwood Bowl on the HSU campus with a closed access sign on Oct. 2, on the day that the San Jose State University football team arrives in Humboldt | Photo by Thomas Lal

Rugby captain frustrated with CSU’s hasty actions

Club sports member expresses disappointment in administration inviting SJSU to campus

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Club sports member expresses disappointment in administration inviting SJSU to campus 

You know there is a huge lack of communication between the Humboldt State University’s administration and its students when an email is sent only a day before the arrival of an entire football team from San Jose State University. 

It’s very frustrating there is such a disconnect between our administration and it’s student body and community. As a member of club sports it is disappointing to see another team from another school practice on a field that I can not touch with my teammates. 

From spending 14 hours a week all of last year, at the Redwood Bowl or College Creek field with my teammates building my skills to now, possibly suspended for even gathering with a small group of teammates is frustrating to say the least. All clubs such as Men’s Baseball and the Mountain biking club can not join together because of the guidelines given from HSU. 

Last time I checked, you have to already be six feet away in order to shoot a baseball. Also I don’t know if anyone in the Humboldt administration has ever mountain biked, but normally bikers keep distance like cars in order to avoid an accident or sudden stop. 

I will say that my sport, rugby, brings more challenges to social distancing. I still can not go to the field with non-house members of my team to kick or pass a ball and even train. 

So this is where I find it ridiculous that a football team, a contact sport to say the least, consisting of 141 players and personnel are able to play on the same field we at club sports cannot. 

I will not blame or send hate towards the players or coaches of SJSU because I respect them leaving their homes in order to possibly have a chance at playing at the next level. If I was in the same situation, I would do the same thing. 

But I will turn all my blame and anger towards the administration of both universities and the Chancellor of the CSU system. 

I do not understand how my rugby team cannot practice because of rules given by the Chancellor and the HSU administration but a large football team can travel across multiple county lines, probably making a stop or two, in order to practice for just a week. 

To put a whole community at risk is baffling to me. The decision to allow another university to send their football team approximately 360 miles to us is terrible. 

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