Compassionate Bonds — New HSU Chem Prof Goes Above and Beyond

By Bryan Donoghue For many students at Humboldt State University, any chemistry class is on a list of the hardest courses a student can take. Humboldt State has taken on a new temporary chemistry professor whom students are dubbing “passionate,”

This week in science (April 26 – May 3)

By Bryan Donoghue Technology – Bioprinted Cartilage Researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy in Sweden have managed to generate cartilage tissue by bioprinting stem cells using a 3D bioprinter. Researchers found a procedure that ensured cell survival from printing so they could

Restoring the Largest Old Growth Forest in the World

By Kelly Bessem Portions of the Prairie Creek Watershed, one hour north of Arcata, are still being restored 50 years after being clearcut. Proposed restoration plans by the National Park Service (NPS) will make this region into the largest remaining

Art by Claire Roth

Claire Roth’s Art for This Week in Science Spring 2017

My Jeff Corwin Experience

By | Ali Osgood Super-star naturalist Jeff Corwin walked out onto the stage at HSU’s Van Duzer Theatre to a cheering and excited crowd. Immediately, the child in me bubbled over and I was thrown back to my younger years

This week in science (March 15 – March 22)

By Claire Roth Wildlife – New Colombian bird species Twenty-five years after its initial sighting, the Tatama Tapaculo has been been identified as a new species. The Tatama Tapaculo resides in the rainforests of the Western Andes in Colombia and

Underrepresented minority groups in science

By Iridian Casarez HSU science professors and staff organized an event last Saturday, March 4, dubbed “You belong here!” Created for underrepresented minority groups in science, the event served as a community  building function for women in science. The event

Pruitt to head US Environmental Protection Agency

By | Bryan Donoghue President Donald J. Trump and his administration have selected the Oklahoma Attorney General Edward Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This action could disrupt former President Barack Obama’s efforts to combat climate change and

Healthy back to school habits

By: Claire Roth Pulling yourself out from your winter pile of blankets with the words back to school ringing in your ears can be difficult. The vision of the never-ending staircase of Founders Hall you’ll have to climb to get to class