The Lighthouse Grill: a review


The Lighthouse Grill

By: Bryan Donoghue

If you find yourself getting hungry after a long day of wandering through Trinidad and are looking for something that hits the spot, consider setting your sights on The Lighthouse Grill.

The Lighthouse Grill’s philosophy is all about using fresh, local ingredients and serving homemade recipes to a community that has grown to love the restaurant. Bread is made in-house every day; homemade ice cream and sodas are at your fingertips to order. Employees pride themselves in the fact that nothing is processed or artificial in any of the restaurant’s recipes.

The atmosphere can be compared to that of being in a cabin by the sea. Gentle gusts of wind grazed my cheeks as I stood outside; I breathed in the fresh scent of seawater. Inside the establishment, I felt as though I was standing under the sea, surrounded by various murals depicting marine wildlife.

The organization behind the counter was impressive. The employees were all very friendly and helpful.

I focused on the scent of rosemary and chives being infused into a waffle cone before I decided on what to order. Thankfully, there wasn’t a long line.

I first ordered a homemade lemon mint soda. The lemon syrup is crafted beforehand and club soda is poured over the top before being garnished with mint leaves. There wasn’t any sugar added to the drink, giving it a tart and bitter taste at first. Take advantage of the carbonation and pour in about a teaspoon of sugar if you’re looking for a bit of sweetness to balance out the overall taste. All in all, the drink was immensely refreshing and complimented each meal I ordered. The lemon mint soda costs $3.

I then had a mashed potato cone with everything on it, earning it a name in the restaurant as an “all the way” cone. The waffle cones are crafted by pressing fresh cornmeal, garlic, rosemary and chives and then rolling them around in a mold the shape of a cone. Mine was packed to the bottom with a mixture of mashed potatoes, bacon bits and mushrooms. The top of this ensemble was garnished with beef brisket that had been roasting for 12 hours and smothered in gravy, melted cheddar cheese and more bacon bits.

I know a heart throb when I see one; this is one dish that may have captured my heart. Everything comes together perfectly, with the gravy encapsulating each ingredient and melding each taste together. The price for this “all the way” waffle cone is $6.


The “All the Way” Waffle cone of the Lighthouse Grill in Trinidad, California. Photo by | Bryan Donoghue

The “All the Way” Waffle Cone of The Lighthouse Grill in Trinidad, California.

The last dish I decided to try was a beef brisket on a waffle cone on a sandwich. Though this barbecue beef brisket sandwich was delicious, the bun was cut unevenly with a large top bun and a smaller bottom bun. Due to this, the sauce the meat had been soaking in eventually got absorbed by the bottom bun, completely saturating it. I couldn’t eat it as a sandwich, so I picked apart the sandwich using a fork. The beef was complimented by pickles, onions and a single leaf of lettuce. It’s delicious and slightly soothing since you will melt along with the tenderness of the meat. The price of the beef brisket sandwich is $8.


The Lighthouse Grill is open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Whether you’re heading to the beaches of Trinidad at dusk or dawn, The Lighthouse Grill will always be a beacon of culinary light offering a savory experience.


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