Voices of student science


By | Kelly Bessem

Voices of student science aims to highlight individual Humboldt State students majoring within the widespread realm of the sciences.


Isabella Knori, HSU Geography major with a minor in Geospatial Analysis. Photo by Kelly Bessem

Isabella Knori is a senior geography major with a minor in geospatial analysis. Knori is originally from San Diego, Calif.

“Geography allows you to learn about all different things that apply to a wide variety of disciplines,” Knori said. “When I came to HSU I was really indecisive and wanted to major in everything.”

For her geography capstone project, Knori conducted a geospatial landscape analysis based on the historic habitats of California condors. This conservation mapping project found possible areas for California condor reintroduction in Northern California.


Kolbe Cathcart, HSU Biology major with an Ecology and Biodiversity focus, standing next to his redwood sapling “Toobee”. Photo by Kelly Bessem

Kolbe Cathcart is a senior biology major with a focus in ecology and biodiversity. Cathcart grew up in Niles, Calif. 

Cathcart chose his major because of a book he read growing up called “Dune” by Frank Herbert.

“It’s about a lot of things but what interested me the most was the ecology aspect and the interaction between ecology and humans,” Cathcart said of the book. “I’m interested in looking at this interaction over thousands of years.”

Cathcart is bringing a new perspective to the Humboldt State student-run aquaponics lab this semester by focusing on plants rather than fish.

“Aquaponics is raising fish and using the fish waste to grow plants in that water,” Cathcart said. “It filters the water and then reduces waste production.” Cathcart is currently looking at the economic viability of aquaponics in Northern California.


Amber Hendershot, HSU Cellular and Molecular Biology major. Photo by Kelly Bessem

Amber Hendershot is a sophomore in the cellular and molecular biology program. Hendershot is originally from Bangor, Penn.

Hendershot is training to become an emergency medical technician and plans to apply to medical school.

“I’m fascinated by the use of medicine for healing,” Hendershot said. “I would like to look into alternative medicine and see how it could become more validated through the scientific process.” Hendershot’s ultimate goal is to become a psychiatric or osteopathic doctor.

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