Tips to Get Back Into Study Mode


By Domanique Crawford

Illustration by Joe DeVoogd

Monday morning hits and you are dreading rolling out of  bed. The alarm has already gone off twice and you know your days of sleeping in, free afternoons with no  back-to-back hours of homework, and evenings when you actually have time to cook a decent meal is over. A one week break hardly feels like enough.

However, playtime is over. It’s time to scrape your eye boogers, lace up your boot straps and hike hardcore obstacle course that is disguised as the Humboldt State campus and get back to work.  

There are only have seven solid weeks of work left. Then you can go back to relaxing and hanging out with friends. Forget about the first half of the semester. Forget about whether you were crushing it or just hanging on by a thread. Look at spring break as a reset button. Here are some tips on how to refresh after spring break and finish with a successful semester.

  1.     Get Back on a Sleep Routine – Make sure you get the full eight hours of sleep but don’t overdo it. Oversleeping is just as bad as not getting enough sleep. Besides a whole host of physical illnesses,  oversleeping can cause depression and anxiety. Be sure to get the proper amount of hours so that you can function properly.
  2.     Hydrate and Energize – Keep a clear head and make sure you are fueling your body with enough water and foods that give you energy so that you can make it throughout the day. Try eating a healthy breakfast packed with fruit.
  3.     Plan It Out – Don’t lose sight of your goals. If you want to succeed make sure you have a clear destination. It would be good to write out your goals and create a schedule. You don’t have to micromanage your schedule. However, glance back at it at the end of every month and make sure you are staying on point.
  4.     Have Some Fun – If you are feeling burnt out this semester, that’s because you didn’t take time to have fun.  Fun doesn’t have to only come around with school allotted breaks. Schedule time, at least one day of the week, to relax and de-stress. Do something as simple as going to tea with the your homies, plan a game night, or  even Netflix and chill. Do something that gets you relaxed and refreshed so you can continue your work without feeling depressed and overwhelmed.
  5.   Review – Bonus points for the A+ student who review their notes before school starts again. Refresh your knowledge. If you don’t use information everyday, you tend to forget about. Just do a quick breeze through of your class notes so that you remember were the class left off.

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