Humboldt in bloom

Spring breathes fresh life into Humboldt County. Pollen travels in the wind as bees are looking for flowers to pollinate. Given the diversity of flowers in Humboldt County, it’s safe to assume there will be a large number blooming in

Congress plays the game of environmental legislation

By Kelly Bessem President Donald Trump stated he would cut 70 percent of agency regulations according to an article by Forbes. A new strategy being employed by Congress, makes this plausible and has environmental regulations in its crosshairs. With congress

This week in science (March 15 – March 22)

By Claire Roth Wildlife – New Colombian bird species Twenty-five years after its initial sighting, the Tatama Tapaculo has been been identified as a new species. The Tatama Tapaculo resides in the rainforests of the Western Andes in Colombia and