Illustration. | Joe DeVoogd
Illustration. | Joe DeVoogd

This Week in News (March 22 to March 28)


By | Iridian Casarez


-House fire in Arcata

A father and son managed to escape a fire that quickly engulfed their home on March 24. The fire started in a closet and spread into a bedroom. Both of them managed to escape from the backyard.

Source: North Coast News

-Arcata School of Massage closes for good

The Arcata School of Massage closes after receiving “pending denial” from the California Massage Therapy Council. Arcata School of Massage Director Tobin Rangdrol said he discussed closing the school with the 15 students who are enrolled in the program. The council designates whether the school’s graduates are eligible for certification to work within the state.

Source: Times Standard

-Klamath management zone closed this season

The commercial and recreational ocean Chinook salmon fishing seasons in the Klamath Management Zone from southern Oregon to north of Shelter Cove will be closed this season. Climate change caused parasites and disease in the Klamath that affected the salmon. The Pacific Fishery Management Council, is considering a statewide closure of the commercial Chinook salmon season.

Source: Mad River Union


-Cincinnati club shooting

A gunfight broke out outside of a nightclub in Cincinnati leaving one dead and 16 others injured on Sunday night. There were no links to the shooting being a terrorist attack. Police are still looking for suspects.

Source: Chicago Tribune

-33 reptiles dead at zoo

33 reptiles were found dead at a zoo in Knoxville, Tennessee. The herpetology team at the zoo couldn’t find an explanation as to how the reptiles died. The zoo housed 52 reptiles.

Source: CNN

-Las Vegas shooting

A gunman was arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder after he started shooting on a Las Vegas bus. The gunman was identified as Rolando Cardenas, 55. Authorities said when Cardenas started shooting he appeared delusional.  

Source: NBC News


-London Attack

A man drove a car onto the sidewalk of the Westminster Bridge by the House of Parliament hitting pedestrians and killing three on March 22.  The man was identified by authorities as Khalid Masood. Masood stabbed and killed a police inside the Palace of Westminster. There was no evidence that the attack was linked to so-called Islamic State or al-Qaeda.

Source: BBC News

-Russian Protest

Sixty thousand demonstrators took part in more than 80 anti-corruption protests across Russia. Boycotting the government of President Vladimir Putin. More than 700 people were  arrested and detained.

Source: Now This

-Cyclone Debbie

A powerful cyclone hit Queensland Australia Tuesday afternoon. The storm’s winds gusted to 160 mph. Reports suggested that 30 inches of rain fell 0ver the course of the storm’s duration.

Source: Washington Post

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