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The Spring Deal-Breaker: Midterms on the day after break


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By | Erin Chessin

Earlier this month, HSU students enjoyed a much needed week long spring break, but not everyone was relaxing.

While classes may have adjourned for a week, school work continued in motion. Students said they spent the free week studying for midterms because they were scheduled on the day they came back from the break.

Nicole Heighes is a senior psychology major at HSU. Heighes had a midterm on the Monday after spring break and a speech in her senior seminar the day after

“It defeats the purpose of spring break when professors place midterms on the Monday or Tuesday after the break,” Heighes said.

She spent hours studying over the break, going over study guides and preparing for her speech.

“You need a few days after Spring Break to get back into school-mode,” Heighes said.

Daniel Burrell, a biology professor at HSU, said he always considers the break when planning his midterms.

“I like to grade midterms over the break and thus plan my midterms before the break,” Burrell said.

He believes stepping away from schoolwork allows students to maximize their relaxation time.

“I feel that students prefer to finish their exams before break so they have the break to relax,” Burrell said.

Stephanie Toste, a senior business marketing major, typically has lots of homework throughout the week. Like Heighes, she had a midterm on the Monday after spring break and found herself using the break to study.

“Luckily I didn’t have any homework to do after the break, but I had a midterm the day we got back,” Toste said. “I prefer to have midterms before the break because that week is dedicated to getting a break from school.”

Some benefits come out of having midterms scheduled after spring break. Toste said that without class interrupting study time, students might be able to focus more on their midterms. “On the other side of things it allows students to not stress about going to class while trying to study for midterms,” Toste said.

There are seven weeks of the spring semester left. With no more breaks aside from Cesar Chavez Day coming up this Friday, studying and school work is in full swing till the end of the semester.

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