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Cannifest Manifests Happiness2 minute read

Humboldt County’s Cannifest brought local cannabis culture to Redwood Acres Fairground on April 15 & 16

Reporting by Ali Osgood

Photos by Marcos Villarreal and Devyn Session

Visitors check out local vendors in Area 215 at Cannifest. Area 215 required a medical card for admission and featured local cannabis growers products available for sampling, purchasing, and inspection. | Photo by Marcos Villarreal
A visitor inspects a bud. Visitors with medical marijuana cards were able to enter Area 215 where a wide variety of harvested cannabis was on display. Cannifest also hosted medical consultants so that visitors without cards could apply for one and be admitted to Area 215 to check out the local goods. | Photo by Devyn Sessions
Stephen Gieder, Cannifest organizer and “ideas man” spent the two day festival hosting the Humboldt Grow Games. “This is my favorite part. I love being apart of it!” Gieder said. | Photo by Marcos Villarreal
A team carries bags of soil through the obstacle course during the Humboldt Grow Games. The six teams competed in a variety of activities from repotting plants to setting up an irrigation system. | Photo by Marcos Villarreal
Team The Sungrowers pull a 150 gallon pot of soil 65 feet during the Humboldt Grow Games. Six different teams competed for the fastest overall time. The Sungrowers walked away with first place on Sunday, April 16. | Photo by Marcos Villarreal
A variety of strains of marijuana are lined up for visitors to inspect. Cannifest attendees holding medical marijuana cards were able to vote on their favorite strains featured throughout the weekend. | Photo by Marcos Villarreal
Cannifest hosted over 23 musical acts with four different stages and a silent disco. Headliners included Prezident Brown, The Polish Ambassador, Sassafras Belly Dancers and local bands including the Dubbadubs and Kingfoot. | Photo by Marcos Villarreal
The Sungrowers receive their trophy on Sunday afternoon after winning the Humboldt Grow Games. Cannifest held the Cannifest Bowl, a competition for the best buds at the event, as well as awards for best live art and best glass. | Photo by Marcos Villarreal

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  1. Steve Steve Wednesday, April 19, 2017

    Cannifest had 47 musical acts!!
    Over 40 local acts!

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