Humboldt Patient Resource Center front sign.| Juan Herrera

4/20 at HPRC


Article by Juan Herrera

Video by Juan Herrera and Chelsea Medlock

Right when you enter, the strong aroma of medicinal marijuana hits your nostrils so hard you can almost taste it. Over twelve different strains clog your nose of smelly cannabis and yummy edibles. Humboldt Patient Resource Center, also know as HPRC,  has been serving Humboldt county for over 15 years.

Michelle Sealy, a bud-tender at HPRC, discusses the patients most preferred cannabis offered.

“Gorilla Glue #4, Girl Scout Cookie, and Titan OG are the winners of the people,” Sealy said.

Girl Scout Cookie at HPRC. | Juan Herrera

Sealy also talks about concentrates and edibles that all their patients love.

“When it comes to concentrates our customers love the live resin by Mr. Nice Guys, or any of the Sour Extract $30 grams,” Sealy said. “As far as edibles, the KIVA bars are a huge hit as well as the smaller size called KIVA bites.”

Sealy explained how each KIVA bar has 100 milligrams of THC, the mind-altering substance in marijuana, compared to 5 milligrams for the bites. According to Ricardo Baca, an author for the marijuana publication The Cannabist, the average dose for a person is 10 milligrams.

Another budtender from HPRC, Mark Moore, talked about the exciting plans their clinic has for the special day of April 20.

“To start off this exciting holiday we will be giving out 420 goodie bags full of different cannabis strains and edibles from the different vendors we use,” Moore said. “There will also be many special deals the clinic is offering as well as live music playing.” 

HPRC lighter and matches. | Juan Herrera

Moore goes on to mention how HPRC will also be hosting a delicious barbecue for their patients and also to the community at their location on the corner of 6th and J street in Arcata.

Caeden Williams, a new worker at HPRC, discussed the changes they have seen in patients since the medicinal marijuana laws have passed.

“There has been a lot of anxiety in the air with the new change of what the outcome or end will be,” Williams said. “A lot of patients are scared that the prices are going to skyrocket, while others are anxious to see how far this industry will go.”

Williams explains how as a new employee he is excited to adapt with the new change, but also nervous to see how it will play out.

Moore had one last thing to say the patients of HPRC.

“We are here to fulfill the needs of everyone, from new patients to old ones, we have what you need,” Moore said.

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