Hair Extensions at your Convenience!


By Onaja Waki

In town, there aren’t really any big beauty supply warehouses like in Los Angeles or the Bay Area, where people can go to purchase hair extensions to style their hair. However, cosmetologist and owner of Lash Out lash extensions Starsha Marquez buys and sells weave and braiding hair out outside of her stylist job at The Trim on Samoa Boulevard. As a provider of these hair products, Marquez has been providing a service to individuals in Arcata who need and like to wear hair extensions.

As someone who gets their hair braided Marquez, understands how it may be a hassle to find a place where you can purchase hair extensions or even a place to install the hair.

“I remember having those bad hair days and the struggle to get my hair done how I wanted,” said Marquez. “I used to drive all the way to Vallejo just for my hair appointments at the braiding hair shop, because their wasn’t one out here.”

Once Marquez stopped braiding hair herself, she decided to start selling the hair instead.

“I was like the only one in Arcata who people knew to call for it.” Said Marquez. “Plus my hair isn’t expensive. I only sell it for a dollar more than what you would buy in a regular beauty supply.”  

With her eyelash extension business and hair extension providing services, Marquez is looking forward to expanding to a bigger space to provide more cosmetic services.

“I’m thinking about expanding my business and combining it with cuts, waxing, and manicures and pedicures,” said Martinez. “I’m also looking for braiders because I’m not interested in braiding myself, I will also provide the hair, still.”

Marquez has already built up a good client base consisting of HSU students and Arcata locals. After speaking with two of her HSU clients who have previously bought braiding hair from her they mentioned how well her customer service was.

HSU student Arri sanchez mentioned how well Marquez informed her about the different types of braiding hair.

“She had a big selection already,” said Sanchez. “She had red packs of hair, black, brown, multicolored, she just had it all.”

Mariah Sulton also a HSU student and a client of Marquez buys braiding hair on a regular bases.
“I couldn’t even begin to tell you how convenient it is to have her out here,” said Sulton. “Usually I would have to order my hair online or have my mom buy it and send it up to me, but ever since I found out about Starsha last semester I just go to her now.

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