A close up shot of Tony Robison, Humboldt State senior, and his beard. Photo credit: Juan Herrera

A beard trend


By Juan Herrera

Imagine having to go through the process of searching for products just to grow facial hair, or having to beg to your barber to create a beard that isn’t there. All of that, just to fit in. Many men do this constantly to have a beard like their friends.

Jesus Hernandez, an HSU student and a barber for the last four years has noticed an immense amount of his clientele switch from a clean shaven beard to a full grown out beard.

Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez, HSU student and barber, cutting up one of his clients.

“Those who couldn’t grow out a beard seeked for a product that would give them the beard they want.” Hernandez said. “I started noticing clients who have always been clean shaving even try to have me line up their stubble.”

Hernandez said that ever since the big boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor, some of his clients started to come in and ask for the “McGregor” hairstyle. The “McGregor” hairstyle consists of a clean short hair cut with a big bushy beard.

More often than not you can walk into any room and half of the men, if not more, have some sort of beard. Is this a coincidence? Or is it just a trend?

Humboldt State senior, Tony Robinson, said how he has noticed the drastic changes of his peers with beards over the past two years.

“First I’ll start off by saying that I ain’t hating because I myself have a beard, but damn man! Everyone and there mom has a beard now, literally!” Robinson said. “I remember back in freshman year no one but ME had a beard, now everyone just wanna copy me man.”

Robinson said he believes everyone is trying grow a beard to be more likable and look more intimidating.

Diego Gonzalez, 28, says that his beard makes life easier. He doesn’t have to waste time shaving.

“When I’m in a rush I just kinda let it go however,” Gonzalez said. “Usually when I have a presentation I put like beard oil or stuff like that.”

Products such as beard wax or oil are often used to style beards. A beard is a part of a person’s identity and can grow and be trimmed along with their changing interests and needs.

“I had it thinner, I had a really long beard too,” Gonzalez said. “I’m a wrestler so it would always get in my way, so unfortunately I’d have to trim it.”

Elizabeth Laney, a Eureka local, said she is use to more men having beards than not but still has noticed it’s been more then usual in the past couple years.

“Personally I love a man with a nice thick beard, so I think there’s nothing wrong with a beard trend happening,” Laney said. “And for all you guys out there trying to grow beards over the years, just stop, you probably look way cuter shaved.”

Laney said that because she has grown up in Humboldt County she will always have a soft spot for beards.

According to the New York Times article “Are Men More Desirable With Beards”, Laney isn’t the only person who loves men with beards. In the article it shows a university in Australia did a study asking 8,520 women if they preferred men with a beard and more than 70 percent said yes.

Tony Robinson had one last thing to say to men out there with beards.

“If it ain’t there don’t force something to happen, but if it is rock that fresh beard like there’s no tomorrow.” Robinson said.

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