Nelson Hall East Room 106 pack with students and staff bringing in more chairs Photo credit: Charlotte Rutigliano
Nelson Hall East Room 106 pack with students and staff bringing in more chairs Photo credit: Charlotte Rutigliano

Being in the know about D.A.C.A.


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By | Charlotte Rutigliano

After an emotional rally for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Programs held in the UC Quad on Tuesday, September 5, students and staff piled into a small conference room in Nelson Hell East, most having to stand or sit in the hallway, to hear a presentation by Student Without Borders.

Students and staff outside Nelson Hall East room 106 Photo credit: Charlotte Rutigliano
The presentation covered constitutional rights, the rights people have when dealing with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and what resources the university has to help and protect DACA students.

Karla Sanchez, a student coordinator with Student Without Borders and a DREAMer, started off the presentation with the constitutional rights held by people living in the United States. She then talked about what to do if stopped, approached or arrested by an ICE agent.

Nelson Hall East Room 106 pack with students and staff bringing in more chairs

“If you are stopped you don’t have to say anything,” Sanchez said. “Just tell them your name and that you do not want to talk to them.”

Sanchez warned to not show any aggression because it can be used against you.

“Remain silent, don’t sign anything and ask to speak to a lawyer,” Sanchez said. “Always have a plan, memorize numbers, family members, lawyers or doctors, and always have copies of any documents.”

According to Sanchez, the last day to apply for DACA renewal is October 5, 2017, but only if the current DACA paperwork expires before March 8, 2018.

After Students Without Borders concluded the presentation, they opened the floor up to questions and comments.

Vice President of Student Affairs W. Wayne Brumfield said that we’re in the beginning of this and that there is a lot of uncertainty, but he was putting together a forum for DACA students with an immigration lawyer to help students get more information.

“The entire campus community is behind you and will do everything within our legal rights to protect you,” Brumfield said.

Students Without Borders wrapped the forum by letting people know about the march in Fortuna on September 19 at 8 a.m., starting at the Veterans Memorial Building. The march organizers are pushing the City of Fortuna to pass an ordinance making it a sanctuary city. Students Without Borders also hopes to have the entire county pass an ordinance to make it a sanctuary county.

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