Some of the supplies for Check it. Photo credit: Lauren Shea

Check It volunteering

Take action with Check it by volunteering during volunteer hours to continue to help make our community safe.

By | Lauren Shea

It’s about creating a safe community where students can look out for each other.

The Check it program was created at HSU to prevention acts of sexual assault in the community. It’s a student led movement to encourage us with acting against sexual assault and to create a presence of power that sexual violence is unacceptable and not welcomed here. Check it helps teach students of the community to recognize sexual violence and how you can prevent and stop it.

Student volunteers making Check it supplies in the Rec and Wellness Center. Photo credit: Lauren Shea

Marco Gonzalez, senior at HSU, the Volunteer Coordinator for Check it.

“My experience with Check it has been throughout my whole time spent at HSU,” Gonzalez said. “Being able to see the change from when I was a freshman to now is just incredible.”

Skye Peredo, a student at HSU, the Media Development Coordinator for Check it.

“It’s been great volunteering with Check it,” Peredo said. “This movement was created by the students and for the students. Check it has helped spread confidence to people and to notice harm making the campus feel safer.

Anyone can volunteer with Check it. The volunteer drop in hours are 4pm-6pm on Fridays in the Rec and Wellness Center drop in lounge. Through this program and volunteer opportunities, students can learn more about ways to check it.

Jayda Kosar, senior at HSU, the Event and Presentation Coordinator for Check it.

“It’s been great working on the program and expanding it for more people to learn about it,” Kosar said. “Incoming freshman already know about Check it before they’re even on campus.”


Student volunteers also attend the Check It Volunteer team retreat on Saturday, Sept. 23, 10 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. in the Goodwin Forum. There will be opportunities to participate in campus campaigns and build a better community as well as become part of the movement that Check it has created.

Check it is also looking for volunteers for the Consent Project. The Consent Project works to create a culture and community where students can talk about how we express consent and how that plays a role in our choices and actions. The project works to create a safe environment on our campus where we can listen to and support other survivors of sexualized violence. The Consent Project meets every Thursday at 5 p.m. until Oct. 5, in the Rec. and Wellness Center room No. 124.

To register for the volunteer retreat, contact Mary Sue Savage, Prevention Coordinator at:

For more information on Check it, visit:

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