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Franti and Spearhead love out loud at HSU2 minute read

By | Robert Brown

Known for their mystical vibes amongst the audience and spreading a positive message of health, happiness and equality, Spearhead and Michael Franti played their latest album, Soul Rocker to a packed house.

“A soul rocker is a person who has compassion, who lives from their heart, and has a tenacious enthusiasm for music, life, and the planet,” Franti said.

“The kind of music we play appeals to that kind of person.”

Blending hip-hop, folk, reggae, and other genres, Spearhead creates a unique flavor of music that inspires crowds to get up on their feet, dancing and waving their hands in the air.

Michael Franti and Spearhead performing in the Vanduzer Theatre at Humbodt State University Sunday September 17, 2017

“My music is made to connect people,” Franti said. “Connecting is the best thing in the world, it’s the most important thing right now, especially at this time. We need music that has meaning, to create change that is needed in this world.”

While touring, Franti says he practices yoga every day to connect his mind, body, and heart. Meditation is another part of his routine, bringing him into the present moment where he is not concerned about the past or future.

“My spiritual practice is yoga,” Franti said. “I have been doing yoga since 2000. Yoga in Sanskrit means yoke, used to bring two oxen together. Similarly, yoga is used to connect yourself, your heart, and your mind together, then connect with the world.”

When asked about the name of his tour, Love Out Loud, Franti explained that words are powerful and can be used to create or destroy. His mission is to inspire change makers, affecting the problems that we see in the world.

“Words nourish courage,” Franti said. “Sometimes you have to go through the sadness to let it go. Songs about an experience of sadness or love, or speaking truth to power, all of this is how we love out loud.”

Michael Franti and Spearhead performing in the Vanduzer Theatre at Humbodt State University Sunday September 17, 2017

Franti also talked about how thoughts create a positive or negative reality.

“Optimism is something you have to practice,” Franti said. “If your default mode is to go to negativity in a downward spiral, then that’s how it will always be, but if you can change your default mode to making the best out of every situation or seeing lessons and having a positive mindset, then that will start to come more natural.”

Franti offered advice to his fans about manifesting their dreams into reality.

“Don’t fear your dreams, dream big,” Franti said. “Sit and talk about your dreams with people, write them down, collaborate with others. If you believe, others will too.”

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