Dryers out of order in the Campus Apartments laundry room, Feb. 2. Photo by Luis Lopez.

Laundry machines on campus that rarely work


When it comes to the Humboldt State University campus laundry rooms, students are never surprised when they spot an “Out of Service” sign on one of the machines.

HSU senior Robert Matthews is accustomed to seeing that sign when he walks into the laundry room.

“I’m never really surprised to see at least one or two machines that are broken down when I’m doing laundry,” Matthews said. “It does get annoying to have a machine that is broken down, and all you can do is call the company in order to have it fixed. Even if you call them, it would take a long time for the machines to be fixed.”

Many students who live on campus are irritated when they cannot do laundry due to broken machines. This is especially annoying when on-campus laundry rooms have limited machines that need to serve over 2,000 students who live on campus.

Stephen St. Onge, the Housing & Residence Life director, explains why the laundry machines stay broken for a long time.

“The company that we bought the machines was from a company called Wash, which is located in San Francisco,” St. Onge said. “When a machine would break down, we would call the company to send someone down to fix the machine… but sometimes it would take awhile for someone to come down here at Humboldt.”

According to St. Onge, the contract with Wash ended this year.

“With the contract ending with Wash, the school now owns all the washing and drying machines on campus,” St. Onge said. “What this allows us to do is to self-service the machines ourselves. Students will eventually notice the improvements in laundry machine maintenance in the future.”

St. Onge also expressed plans to make washing and drying free for students living on campus in the future.


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