A (cynical) guide to surviving the Infinity War

Navigating the Marvel Cinematic Universe There are too many Marvel movies for people to keep track of. The combined 18 movies have earnings of more than the GDP of a significant amount of nations. Here is a guide through the

Salmon and us, tied to the health of the Klamath River

The We Are the River: Connecting River Health to Community Health panel met to discuss the state of the Klamath River, and the communities whose lives are tied to the health of the river. The discussion was held in the

This week in sports history

April 14, 1941 – Baseball legend and pariah Pete Rose is born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rose has the most hits of all time in Major League Baseball history, but is more well known for his involvement with gambling on baseball

A Quiet Place

When the guy from “The Office” makes a horror movie. What makes a scary horror film is sound production. A jump scare doesn’t make you jump unless there’s a loud “DUN” at the right moment, but it has to be