Locals try the spicy buffalo wings at Humbrews located on 856 10th street on Dec. 1. | Photo by Alex Gonzalez

Something in the sauce: Humboldt Brews


Humbrews’ wings make students’ stomachs happy 

Arcata can get fairly chilly once the sun goes down. In response, many flock to Humboldt Brews on Saturday nights for drinks, food and to hang with friends.

Located on 856 10th St., Humboldt Brews (or Humbrews for short) is a great place to immerse yourself in the Arcata lifestyle. With 25 beers on tap, award winning hot wings and a banquet room/nightclub for shows, there aren’t many places around to get a more complete college town vibe.

As you walk in, there is an instant feeling of Humboldt State University as many of the patrons are wearing HSU gear while they wait for their drinks. There are sports broadcasts on all televisions with a distinct focus on the Bay Area’s teams like the Golden State Warriors or San Jose Sharks.

Not too many people yet as its only 7 p.m. but the servers do well in making sure everyone has their drinks filled. Along with a pool table, seating for the restaurant and even some old school arcade games, Humbrews has everything you’d want from a college bar. The bar transforms from a mellow early dinner setting to a more energetic “party” setting as more people start to pile in to escape the cold.

What better way to warm up from the cool breeze than with hot wings?! Humbrews offers a basket of wings including a side of french fries and some celery as a palate cleanser for $10. The sauces vary depending on the bravery of the customer, but for the fan of traditional wings you can’t go wrong with the hot buffalo sauce. A perfect amount of spicy earns this wing its “award-winning” title as soon as you take a bite.

Portions are sized reasonably to what you’re paying and you’ll have extra hot buffalo sauce to dip your fries in after. This goes great while treating yourself or watching a game with friends on the large projector screen in the back of the restaurant.

For those who dare, you can also try Humbrews’ handmade “Suicide Sauce” which is made from many different spices including the notoriously hot “ghost pepper” for an extra $2. Ask for the “Suicide Sauce” on the side to enjoy at your own pace. If you don’t mind sweating through your shirt, this sauce will definitely have you breathing fire.

Ordering a pound of wings ($12) with a side of “Suicide Sauce” can be fun with a large group as everyone grabs a wing and a dab of sauce to see who can ride the bull without getting kicked off. Wash it down with one of Humbrews’ many beers or ciders. One of the best is from Eureka’s own Humboldt Cider Company called Hibiscus Hemp Cider. A pint of Hibiscus Hemp cider ($6) along with a pound of wings will have you full and feeling good all for under $20.

Humbrews sets itself apart from other Arcata bars with its variety of quality food choices and upbeat vibe. It is also well lit so you don’t get the creepy, “dingy” feeling that other Arcata bars give off. It’s open daily at 11:30 a.m. until 2 a.m. on most nights. Stop by after class and you might be able to catch happy hour from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. for drink specials.

Overall, Humbrews is a staple bar for the HSU student or any Arcata resident with its exceptional drink choice and consistently well-made food, not to mention the hottest wing sauce you can find in Humboldt County!

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