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Arts Alive! is the hub of authentic and interesting foods on a Saturday night

Arts Alive! is the hub of delicious and interesting foods on a Saturday night

There’s something about meals served from food trucks that satisfies the soul in a different way. Walking through downtown Eureka, all you hear is music and chatter from the community, and all you smell is the wonderful aromas from a variety of food spots. Food trucks and street vendors come off as more authentic, which draws in larger crowds. Arts Alive! in Eureka encourages community members and friends to get together and enjoy some quality meals from quality food spots.

My first spot I tried was Southside Mike’s Original Bar-B-Que, a food truck parked behind the horse carriage. I ordered the Mac, and it was an ooey-gooey sensation I’ve never had before. There were bits of toasted cheese and a fresh seasoning to top it off. The mac ‘n cheese is made up of four cheeses, but the cheese alone gets placed on the griddle, creating a smokey crust. I’ve had some good mac ‘n cheese, but nothing like Southside Mike’s.

“The key is good, simple ingredients,” said owner Mike Ross. “That’s it!”

Ross explained that the food truck is all about southern Louisiana cooking, similar to what his family made growing up.

My next stop must have been the longest line at Arts Alive!. Casamiento is El Salvadorian and Cambodian food, and there’s no surprise that the name means ‘marriage’ in Spanish with this kind of street food. I ordered the Khmer Banh Mi, a sandwich made from a perfectly seasoned beef mixture, with cucumbers, jalapeños, and an exquisite pickled daikon and carrots. The sandwich was superb with the vegetables adding a great crunch to every bite. The food as a whole was loaded with flavor.

“The idea is to marry the people and culture,” said Casamiento owner Jennifer Be.

My last stop was Humboldt Fresh, a food truck that looked like it would have your traditional American food, but it surprisingly packed a punch. I ordered the C.B.G. sandwich, with chicken breast, bacon bits, cheese, tomato, and cilantro. Something that could have stayed a classic sandwich was created as something more. The cilantro added an extra fresh taste, and the chicken and bacon combo was out of this world. The best thing about this food truck is that the food is, as its name claims, fresh.

“That’s the whole theme of this truck,” said Humboldt Fresh owner Kyle Scott. “Everything is prepped the day of and we only use fresh produce and grass-fed meats.”

Let it be known that you will not starve at Arts Alive!, it is simply not possible. The event brings people together, creating a food hub for the community. Arts Alive! allows you to taste true authentic food, as well as introduce you to a mix of new foods, and join in with the community.

“I get to see and hang out with the community, I think that’s the best part,” said Ross. “It’s a good excuse to come out and have a good time with the community together.”

Arts Alive! takes place in downtown Eureka every Saturday evening.

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