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HSU students discover their own spark with “Soul”

Pixar’s latest film debuted on Disney+ to positive reviews

Pixar’s newest animation “Soul” teaches us multiple lessons that can be applied to our lives daily .

The movie was released on December 25, 2020 and already has a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It tells the story of a man named Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) who lands his dream gig at the best jazz club in town. On the way, however, he falls into a dark hole that leads him to the “before life.”

Throughout the movie, themes of compassion, empathy, and self discovery are discussed. Joe is faced with many challenges that help him rediscover his “spark” or purpose in life. The movie is family friendly that people of all ages will enjoy.

Rachael Kee, is a junior at HSU majoring in psychology and communications who watched “Soul” with her boyfriend Rowan.

“I loved the movie,” Kee said. “It had so many subtle but relatable themes throughout the film, which really made me think about my own life and my purpose,” she said. “This movie is honestly pretty emotionally intimate for couples to watch together.”

“Soul” dives deep into the so-called “meaning of life” by teaching us multiple lessons throughout each character’s experiences. When 22 is put on Earth inside of Joe’s body, they become grateful for the little things in life, as small as just the appreciation of living and the ability to breathe fresh air.

Rowan Feltges is a sophomore, fisheries major and Kee’s boyfriend who also enjoyed the movie.

“The animation looked almost lifelike and the story was extremely introspective,” Feltges said.

He not only enjoyed the visual aspects of the movie but also learned multiple lessons that he can use in his daily life.

“Your passion does not define you as a person,” Feltges said. “What defines you is the pursuit to make oneself feel happy with life.”

He emphasized that it’s important to not let your passions turn into addictions.

“As people change and the world changes, so do our passions. It is how you adapt and overcome these changes to find true happiness and self gratitude,” he said.

Paola Morgado is a senior majoring in chemistry. She enjoyed how “Soul” showed her that the main purpose of life is to simply live it.

“My main takeaway from the film was, if you’re good to others, good things will come your way such as, second chances and ‘rediscovering’ your purpose,” Morgado said.

“Soul” was released on Christmas Day, 10 months into a global pandemic. Though intended to be seen in theaters, Disney+ provides us with a thought provoking, heartfelt, and overall positive film we can watch without leaving our house.

The movie has gained a significant amount of attention on social media in a short amount of time. It first intrigued Kee with its diversity, music, and psychological aspects.

“Society tells us to grow up, get a job, and pay taxes, and never really allows us to connect to our souls in our individualistic way,” Kee said. “I feel a lesson that we can all learn from ‘Soul’ is that no matter how ‘lost’ or ‘unworthy of life’ one may feel, all it takes is the exposure of a new friendship or interest to pull you out of the darkness. Thus, don’t stop this crazy journey of life and keep going.”

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  1. Matthew Matthew Thursday, January 21, 2021

    I was excited to see this movie especially after having watched Inside Out which was the first and only movie so far to be able to make me cry twice everytime for two separate reasons. While it didn’t make me as emotional as Inside Out (no pun intend) it did leave me very introspective especially since much of my own life, like Joe Gardner, has revolved around my passions. I highly would recommend this film to both young and old adults whom I sure in this culture and society we live in need to be reminded that we are more than just what we can produce and create.

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