NY Times right to grant anonymity

Readership should consider placing trust in NY Times and journalism standards for anonymous sources

EDITORIAL: Modern Day Battle of the Sexes

Sexism runs rampant in the professional tennis world and what happened to legendary player Serena Williams on Sept. 8 is proof. A showdown between Williams and Naomi Osaka in the U.S Open culminated with tears running down both women’s cheeks

Trust in police weakens as Chapman resigns

As students, we have reasonable expectations of safety so we can focus on academic success without fear. This is not the reality for Humboldt State University students of color, both on campus and in the community. Both the Arcata Police

Consuming news safely

Sorting through the mainstream, and now local media When you turn on your local news TV station, you expect a solid mix of local and national news, and a variety of messages between stations. The news coverage from one area

Protect your profile

In light of data breaches, maintain some privacy. Facebook gives away your information. Twitter, Instagram and Google do it too. So do most of your other social media apps and websites. Everything you search, click or talk about ends up

She can breastfeed her child and serve the general public

She can run for office, but she can’t breastfeed her child in public without sexualization and aggressive backlash. It’s not a new argument or idea that the stigma behind women breastfeeding in public needs to change. If women are expected

Year of the women 2.0

2018 is looking to be another year for woman in politics. Why stop now? 1992 has often been declared as the last “Year of the Woman” for politics. According to the United States House of Representatives History, Arts & Archives

EDITORIAL: FCC aims to impose internet road blocks

Why you need to pay attention to net neutrality regulations. Since its introduction to the general public in 1990, the internet became a powerful tool by placing the world at the fingertips of the average American. Information to almost anything

Keep the dream alive

Immigrants are the backbone of the United States, but anti-DACA protesters think they could do without them entirely. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a polarizing immigration policy that allows certain individuals to enter or remain in the United States,

Keep your thoughts and prayers

We call b.s. too. Your thoughts and prayers are not enough to encourage gun law reform. By getting involved in local politics and deciding what shape you want gun reform to take, you can make a difference. Nikolas Cruz was

Swipe right on self-love

Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself. Whether you’re dating or single, you should actively practice self-love for healthy relationships and interaction with others. Dating is complicated. If you’re swiping, texting, snapping or sliding into the DMs, navigating the dating culture requires

Art for students’ sake

Humboldt State University must not pull funding and close the Third Street Gallery in Old Town Eureka, which has provided local art to the community for 20 years. As reported in the Lumberjack, by Ahmed Al-Sakkaf on Jan. 16, Humboldt

Alternative road to recovery

Humboldt County should reconsider establishing supervised injection facilities (SIFs). The subject matter is polarizing. The simplified idea of a SIF is to administer drugs with clean needles and controlled dosages. Counseling and other services are offered throughout the process. The

Big Brother is still watching you

Personalized ads, location tracking services and obsessive use of social media. Technology is on track to outgrow human intelligence as it continues to ingrain and spread itself throughout our increasingly globalized society. In recent years, George Orwell’s “1984” about a

Hit the road, Jacks

Finals are upon us, but so is winter break. It’s time to make travel plans again. Some people huff at the thought of making travel arrangements, especially since many of us just got back from a long-awaited and well-deserved Thanksgiving

Trump and the Weinstein effect

Now is an appropriate time to have a serious discussion about sexual harassment. Dozens of celebrities have come forward to reveal their stories of sexual harassment, assault and rape. Louis C.K. and Kevin Spacey are just a sample of the

Please kneel for our national anthem

The meaning of patriotism evolves as our divided nation continues to quarrel about taking a knee. Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick gained widespread attention in the past year for kneeling during the national anthem prior to NFL games.

We ain’t afraid of no ghost

Ghosts are figments of our imagination. That strange presence you’ve felt is your mind playing tricks on you. Chances are there is a rational explanation for that mysterious noise you heard in the middle of the night. The prickly feeling