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Finals are upon us, but so is winter break. It’s time to make travel plans again.

Some people huff at the thought of making travel arrangements, especially since many of us just got back from a long-awaited and well-deserved Thanksgiving break. Needless to say, we’re also readjusting to the home stretch of this semester.

In spite of that, we encourage you to invest some of your downtime thinking about the places you’ve always wanted to visit and make it happen during winter break. Write down the destinations, pull up Google Maps or TripAdvisor and start researching your fantasy voyage. The simple act of routing that one landmark you must finally check out with the restaurant you need to try could be more fun than you expected. The ultimate goal here is to try new things in new places and maybe meet inspiring people along the way. This can be anywhere between the pub down the street you’ve been meaning to visit or backpacking through Europe. Either way, you’d essentially step outside of your comfort zone and gain new experiences. These are two invaluable components of growing up and expanding your mind in a world full of narrow-minded blockheads.

A few of us are strapped for cash or don’t drive, but don’t fret. It’s not completely hopeless.

Humboldt State’s Homeward Bound Bus Charter Program “provides students with discounted round-trip transportation from Arcata directly to San Francisco or Los Angeles.”

If that doesn’t work for you, consider HSU’s carpool program, JackPass, Zagster, Zimride and Zipcar. Visit parking.humboldt.edu for more details.

The pressures of finals will surely stress us out, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Plan accordingly and don’t forget about the potential road constructions due to winter conditions. Good luck, safe travels and enjoy your upcoming adventures.

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