Letter to the editor

It has been an unfortunate few days for me since the Lumberjack published a distorted article on the state of composting at HSU. Your article has effected more than our campus community – I have been contacted by people from

Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, On September 5, 2017 the Lumberjack ran a story about how students who use campus meal plans lose their J-points at the end of the year (“Students’ J-point money washed away”). Students who use meal plans receive about

California Cap and Trade: Climate Problems Solved?

By | Ciara Emery As hundreds of bills sit on Governor Jerry Brown’s Desk for signature at the end of this legislative session, a cap and trade extension prevails as a win…for some. A ten-year extension to California’s landmark carbon

An alumnus perspective on being Lumberjack football player

Over the last few weeks, a lot of rumor, fear and misinformation have been circling about the possible loss of Lumberjack football next year. As a 40 year old alumnus and former football player, I felt it is important to

Not going down without a fight!

I hope that this letter reaches all of my former Humboldt State teammates, former Jacks that have worn the Green and Gold and all of the Lumberjack supporters out there. I will be sending this letter on to Dr. Lisa

Letter to the editor: published memes

Dear Editor, As I sat down Sunday to read the latest issue of The Lumberjack, I was dismayed at the end of the paper. The meme on page 11 of the Wednesday March 22 print was demoralizing. It serves as

Letter to the editor: cruel & unusual punishment

Dear Editor, The bill of rights is only partially followed according to the intention of the founding fathers. The freedom of speech is followed. So is the right to bear arms ( thanks to the NRA ). But the right

Letter to the editor: Welcome from the Mayor of Arcata

By: Mayor Michael Winkler Welcome back to Arcata! And welcome to winter weather. I know many of you are from the south, and less comfortable with frost and rain — but I hope you embrace the nature of the North