Letter to the editor: Welcome from the Mayor of Arcata


By: Mayor Michael Winkler

Welcome back to Arcata! And welcome to winter weather. I know many of you are from the south, and less comfortable with frost and rain — but I hope you embrace the nature of the North Coast. Enjoy it! Don’t let it get you down, it is not really that cold. You just need layered clothing, a raincoat, umbrella, socks and boots. Now you are ready to go, at least for a saunter through town.

Grab your friends and walk into town! It is only a few blocks southwest and there are adventures to be had. Interesting stores, great food, a walk to the marsh, visit the Farmers Market on a Saturday morning. Get to know the local opportunities. There are businesses that need employees, non-profits with internship opportunities and maybe some second-hand or new clothing you want to shop. Enjoy the music shows, movie theaters and community celebrations. We may not have an In-N-Out Burger here, but try Stars on G Street or enjoy the late open hours at the Arcata Pizza Deli on H Street.

I want you to know the city of Arcata council, staff and police work hard to respect the dignity of ALL people. We want our town to be safe and welcoming to all students, no matter their immigration status. No person will be held legally solely for their immigration status. We support DACA students and wish all HSU students success in their dreams.

Make these years the best in your life — which means try things that scare you a bit, explore your interests and make lifelong personal connections. Success is often about who you know in life — so let yourself be known! Arcata City Council meetings are held every first and third Wednesdays of the month, at 6 p.m. in City Hall. Please come say hello!

Be sure to speak up if you are having problems academically, socially or legally. HSU has advisors to help you, and the Arcata City Council wants to know how we can help you be more successful. We believe this country is best served with educated people and are so happy you chose Humboldt State University!

Welcome to Arcata! As Sara Bareilles sings it, “I want to see you be brave!”

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